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Bursting The Solar Leasing Bubble

Leasing of roof space for solar power generation may sound innovative, but a closer look at the realities of such a system provides disappointing results

3 Eagle Ford Shale Stocks Worth a Look

While many are wary of U.S. shale producers at present, there is still great value to be found longer-term with companies that are executing prudent strategies.

How Long Can OPEC Maintain Its Current Strategy?

Although Riyadh is expected to continue its high production strategy in order to finish off U.S shale producers, dissent within OPEC grows louder

This Nation Is Poised for a Massive Refining Boom

Domestic and regional circumstances could make now the ideal time for Nigeria to invest heavily in its refining industry and potentially renew its struggling economy.

Investors Turning Away From Green Energy

The lack of innovation, declining subsidies and shifting priorities of major investors threatens to undermine a clean energy revolution in the U.S.

We May Not See Arctic Oil for Decades

Top officials in Royal Dutch Shell have admitted that even if everything goes to plan in its new Arctic drilling campaign, it may be decades before any oil flows.

Oil Majors Falling Out Favor With This Hedge Fund Boss

Hedge fund manager Jim Chanos mentions in an interview with PBS that he is not particularly bullish on oil majors, because of their extreme capex and lower ROC.

Top 4 Oil Companies for Dividend Investors

Price volatility in the oil markets looks set to continue for some time, but there are still a host of good opportunities for income-focused investors.

Drilling Efficiency to Keep Oil Prices Low

The low oil price environment could continue for some time and while producers are focusing on efficiency, investors may also need to manage their expectations

Why Shale Gas Producers Could Rebound First

The fracking industry has come under fire throughout the oil price slump, but shale gas producers could be in a better position to recover than their oil counterparts.

Oil to Return to $80 With or Without OPEC Cut Says Iranian Official

A senior Iranian energy official says he expects oil to rise to $80 by late next year regardless of whether OPEC decides to cut production at its upcoming meeting or not.

This Innovation Will Help U.S. Companies Win the Oil Price War

The downturn in oil prices has forced companies to explore efficiency gains and cost cutting measures like never before, leading to some interesting innovations.

Russian Gas: There Is No Alternative for Europe

Despite a myriad of alternative solutions ranging from Turkmenistan to the United States, Europe has yet to find a viable alternative to Russian gas supplies.

Are U.S. Drillers Actually Making A Comeback?

As prices hover around $60, many oil market optimists believe that U.S. shale is on the verge of staging a comeback but there still remain certain inescapable obstacles.

Who Is The Biggest Player In Energy?

The slump in oil prices has damaged several majors profits, allowing Petrochina to overtake ExxonMobil as the largest energy company in the world – but for how long?

Can Tesla’s Battery System Actually Live Up to The Hype?

True to form, Tesla’s latest announcement regarding its Powerwall battery garnered a lot of controversy, but closer analysis reveals it may well live up to the hype.

Saudis Snub Obama Over Iran Deal

Skepticism grows among the Gulf Arab states.

How Much Longer Can The Oil Age Last?

As the green energy revolution appears to be gaining momentum, many in the energy space are wondering when, if ever, will global dependence on hydrocarbons end?

Oil Price Recovery May Be Too Much Too Soon

As oil prices reach their highest levels this year, with U.S. inventories falling for the first time since December 2014, could it be a case of too much, too soon?

Myanmar: The Next Frontier for Offshore Oil

The once no-go nation of Myanmar is continuing to auction its offshore oil and gas assets in a bid to improve international investment in its resource sector.