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This Deal Could Completely Change North American Energy Dynamics

A possible crude oil swap deal with Mexico could bring the United States closer to lifting its oil export ban and North America one step closer to energy integration.

Is Solar Energy Ready to Compete With Oil and Other Fossil Fuels?

The solar energy industry is gathering significant momentum worldwide and is providing traditionally fossil fuel-dependent nations with major opportunities.

Key Signals That Oil Prices Are On the Up

The latest data point to higher oil prices in the coming weeks and months, as supply and demand fundamentals approach some semblance of balance.

Oil-Field Services To Bear the Brunt of Price Collapse

While many oil majors remain positive about streamlining opportunities resulting from the oil price crash, oil-field services companies do not share such optimism.

Why the U.S. Should Worry About Oil Sector Jobs

Rising unemployment in the energy sector has a profound knock-on effect elsewhere in the economy which could well undermine U.S. growth in the coming months and years.

Tesla Could Be Changing the Dynamics of Global Energy

The energy storage market could prove to be much bigger than many had anticipated, especially if Tesla’s gigafactory can live up to the hype.

BP To Sell Off Major North Sea Asset as Part of Survival Strategy

Continuing with its asset divestment strategy, BP has sold off its stake in a major North Sea pipeline to focus on more profitable projects elsewhere.

Former BP Chief Sees Oil Price Rebound Soon

Former BP chief Tony Hayward believes OPEC’s strategy has worked perfectly, heralding the premature peak of U.S. shale, and that oil prices will reach $80 soon.

How The Majors Are Playing the Oil Price Slump

The oil price slump has presented many majors with a myriad of challenges but only time will tell who has made the right choices in response.

Top 5 Richest Tycoons in Renewable Energy

Not too long ago, few would have considered major investments in renewables; but the 21st century is already seeing the rise of the Green Billionaire

Solar Could Be UK's Biggest Loser This Year

The massive and unprecedented growth in the UK’s solar energy sector may now be under threat from a new policy aimed at limiting solar farm subsidies.

Who Is Saudi Arabia Really Targeting in Its Price War?

The supposed oil price war between Saudi Arabia and U.S. shale may instead be aimed at hurting investment bankers who ruined oil supply and demand equilibrium.

Is This Where Investors Should Be Looking When Oil Recovers?

Despite low oil prices, western Canadian oil will still have some of the best assets when oil prices rebound, especially in the province of Saskatchewan.

Has the Bakken Peaked?

The latest information on Bakken output shows production may have peaked back in December as falling rig counts and more trepidation on the part of drillers takes effect.

Why Cheap Natural Gas Could Be Here to Stay

While many are focused on low oil prices, natural gas prices in the U.S. look set for a prolonged down period, as production increases and infrastructure improves.

Royal Dutch Shell Betting Its Future On LNG

Royal Dutch Shell’s acquisition of BG Group indicates the energy giant is taking a deep, long position in a highly saturated market which could prove to be a risky gamble.

Shell/BG Merger Could Be the Start of a Major Trend in 2015

The Shell/BG Group merger may signal the beginning of a flurry of M&A activity in the oil and gas sector as commodity prices put smaller companies under pressure.

Another Major Player Just Signed Onto Mexican Natgas Exports

U.S. natural gas exports to Mexico will see a huge boost in the next two years as another major pipeline project is announced to bring shale gas south of the border.

The Future of Offshore Drilling Could Be Unmanned

With the current drop in oil prices, major oil firms need to reduce their production costs to remain profitable. Unmanned offshore platforms could be a prime solution.

Bad Jobs Report Could Be Good for Oil Industry

The latest job figures from the U.S. show the weakest monthly total in over a year, which could prove to be great news for the debt-laden oil and gas industry.