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Who's to Blame for the Oil Price Crash?

With the oil price plunge showing few signs of a reversal in the short term, who are the main culprits that have brought us to this point, and what does the future hold?

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This Is What Will Determine If Oil Prices Go Up Or Down

The Sage Of Omaha has had mixed levels of success when investing in the energy sector due to a rigid investing philosophy that doesn’t always apply to oil and gas.

Is Warren Buffett Wrong About Oil Stocks?

The Sage Of Omaha has had mixed levels of success when investing in the energy sector due to a rigid investing philosophy that doesn’t always apply to oil and gas.

Earthquake Case Could Doom Fracking in Oklahoma

The fracking industry is facing huge legal battles in Oklahoma over increased seismic activity, which could have massive consequences for already struggling producers.

Oil Prices To Fall or Fly Depending on Iranian Nuclear Talks

The nuclear negotiations taking place in Switzerland could not only decide Iran’s nuclear future, but the fate of the Middle East and the global oil markets.

Texas Town First of Many to Switch to 100% Renewable Power

A Texas city is soon to be generating all of its electricity from renewable sources, not because of ideology but because of the price.

Driverless Cars Poised to Transform Automotive Industry

The driverless-car industry may sound like science fiction, but could become a reality sooner than many think, while also boosting related industries massively.

T. Boone Pickens Points the Finger at U.S Shale

But the Texas oil billionaire remains positive on the controversial oil-extraction process.

Saudis Up the Pressure on Oil Markets

Saudi Arabia's drive to produce more oil is having negative consequences on oil prices.

Low Prices Help Arctic Avoid a "Gold Rush" Scenario

Norway sees a long-term upside to delaying E&P in Arctic waters.

Wall Street Losing Millions From Bad Energy Loans

The pain from the oil crash is spreading to Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and other companies.

A "Wave of Bankruptcies" About to Hit Coal Industry

The clouds are darkening over U.S. coal.

Can Big Oil Keep Paying High Dividends?

Will low oil prices force companies to slash their dividends?

Saudis Claim Conspiracy Theorists, Not OPEC, to Blame for Oil Price Crash

Senior Saudi official cites excessive speculation as the problem, rather than a glut of oil and anemic demand.

The Reemergence of the WTI/Brent Spread

After a brief period earlier this year in which the spread between WTI and Brent had vanished, the difference between the two oil benchmark prices has widened once again.

Is China Exporting Its Pollution?

China may succeed in cleaning up its air by closing industries, and thereby reduce its carbon footprint, but what happens if that pollution simply moves overseas?

For Shell and Exxon, Timing Is Key For Surviving Oil's Price Plunge

Many oil companies are doing whatever they can to stave off costly future projects to save money. But some companies are at favorable points in their spending cycles, making those cuts easier to live with.

Harold Hamm Dismisses IEA Shale Prediction

Analysts write about it, pundits prognosticate about it almost hourly on one cable news channel or another. Oh, and the Chairman and CEO of Continental Resources has his own thoughts too.

Saudi Exec Expects $1 Trillion Drop In Energy Investments

A high-ranking Saudi Aramco executive says, "Challenges during down cycles are more complicated today than before."

Everyone Is Guessing When It Comes To Oil Prices

There is an abundance of market indicators that while important, tend to produce a lot of noise that makes any accurate estimate nearly impossible.