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Daniel Kobialka

Daniel Kobialka


Daniel Kobialka is a blogger, copywriter, editor, reporter, writer and all around "Dan of all Trades." You can follow him on Twitter @dkobialka.

Recent articles

Is Kraft Foods Going Au Naturale?

Kraft's decision to remove artificial preservatives from some of its cheeses could put pressure on its rivals.

Could Apple Offer iTunes Radio for Android Devices?

Apple is considering iTunes Radio for Android smartphones and tablets, which could impact the company in several ways.

Will Google Dominate the Smart Watch Market?

Android Wear smartwatches and other state-of-the-art wearables may help Google's stock value increase.

Trulia's New Ad Campaign Will Likely Bring Big Bucks into the Neighborhood

With more money at its disposal, and a rapidly improving real estate market, Trulia is ready to extend its reach.

Roam If You Want To: T-Mobile Provides Free International Roaming

Unlimited data and texting in more than 120 countries gives global travelers new reasons to switch to T-Mobile, which may help this company's stock value rise.

New Toshiba 4K Laptop Will Reach Stores Soon

Toshiba plans to release its MacBook killer, the 4K Satellite P50t, next month.

Things We've Learned About Twitter

Twitter just turned eight years old, but this company is far from an average eight-year-old. In fact, Twitter has impacted millions of people around the world, and this company is poised to post its first-ever profit soon.

Revenge of the Nerds: AT&T Proves It's Hip to Be Square

AT&T's new ad campaign and investments in Texas networks could help this telecommunications provider grow.

Sony Introduces Virtual Reality Headset

New virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4 could help Sony stay ahead of Microsoft.

Will Samsung Need to Delay Its Galaxy S5 Release?

Difficulty manufacturing components for the Galaxy S5 could hurt Samsung and its shareholders.

Online Video Is Key for AOL

AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong recognizes the importance of online video and its impact on his company's shareholders.

3 Reasons to Feel Optimistic About J2 Global

Here are three reasons why investors should feel good about J2 Global's stock.

Texas Instruments Is Ready to Give Back to Shareholders

The chipmaker wants to put more money in shareholders' pockets, but how?

American Airlines Is Flying High

American Airlines' capacity and passenger traffic are on the rise, which could influence the airline's stock.

Is General Motors Driven to Succeed?

Despite recent setbacks, General Motors is in the driver's seat for 2014 and beyond.

Boingo Wireless CEO Unloads Shares

Boingo Wireless CEO David Hagan sold 25,000 of his shares last month, but Boingo Wireless stockholders still have plenty of reasons to feel good about this company's stock.

Why Is Now the Time to Invest in eBay? Just Look at India's E-commerce Market

Possible changes to India's e-commerce regulations could help eBay's stock in the near future.