Felicia Gooden

Felicia Gooden


Foolish contributor that focuses on awakening one's consciousness and having a clear awareness of world affairs to make good investment decisions. A 5+ year fashion retail, arts & entertainment, and tech vet via employment and education, Felicia takes on an insider perspective for investing.

Recent articles

Apple Inc and Beats: More Than Headphones

Apple is giving iTunes streaming music an upgrade with the company's latest $3.2 billion acquisition of Dr. Dre's Beats Audio. This move has polarized and puzzled investors and consumers alike. Will this deal turn out to be a win for Apple?

Why L Brands Is Still a Good Pick For Your Portfolio

L Brands CFO Stuart Burgdoerfer believes that attractive products, great marketing, and a positive customer experience are key to long-term growth and success. How will this train of thought affect the company's long-term growth initiatives?

Amazon.com, Inc. Fires Into the Streaming Market

Not only has Amazon had a great first quarter with a 23% increase in sales, but the company has also linked up with HBO to offer premium streaming to its Amazon Prime members. Will Amazon be able to take over the market of streaming video?

Has Facebook Declared an App War?

At Facebook's F8 Developer conference, the company announced a few exciting things. From helping startups gain traction and business growth with app accessibility to "deep linking" from app to app, Facebook could be giving Google and Apple a run for their app money.

Ads and Apps: Where Facebook Is Going From Here

Facebook's first-quarter earnings call gave us some insight about the company's latest acquisitions, current performance, and the future of ad and app expansion for worldwide connectivity.

Google Fiber: Is Google Wireless Coming Soon?

From search engines, targeted ads, and attempts to connect the world with balloons, Google is never afraid of a new frontier. Now, the company is considering providing wireless communication services. What does this mean for other carriers?

Facebook Connectivity: The Vision

Facebook has just launched its Connectivity Lab to further Zuckerberg's mission to connect the world. What does this mean for Facebook's long-term outlook?

NSA Spy Games and Facebook

Apparently, the NSA has been posing as Facebook to remotely upload intrusive malware onto computers. While this may be for the good of the country and national security, where does this leave Facebook?

3 Fashion Brands for a Sustainable Future

Fashion is an industry that will always be in demand; the key to investing in the fashion industry is finding unique, quality brands that you believe in for the long-term. These three companies are a few examples of great picks!

Investments You Believe In

True investing goes beyond the hope of profit. Choose companies you believe in, and you'll make investments you can believe in.

Invest in Staying Power

Investing for the long term means finding companies that will have a long lifespan. Innovation and timely demand are important components to consider when exploring staying power.