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Tyler Lacoma

Tyler Lacoma


Tyler Lacoma is a business writer and editor with experience in international economics, marketing, and tech news.

Recent articles

Kindle Unlimited: Has Amazon Cornered the e-Book Market?

Subscription book services promise a whole new type of revenue, and Amazon is seizing the day.

The Crowded Cloud: Is Freemium Inevitable for Storage Services?

Who has the winning cloud storage strategy? The answer is all about pricing and position.


GoPro, Inc. Still Needs to Overcome These Challenges

The stock is hot, but GoPro needs to stand out from competitors in the coming months.

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Is the Nook Spin-Off a Hint of Underlying Problems for E-Readers and

Good news for Barnes & Noble, bad news for those invested in e-reader market.

Smart Music Market Analysis: Pandora Media, Inc Offers More With Less

Google and Apple aim for a musical Internet of Things, but it's Pandora and Spotify that have promising futures.

Uber vs. Self-Driving Car Stocks: Allies and Enemies

Will Uber fight or unite with Google, Autoliv, and others?

4 Companies That Could Be Affected by the Aereo Ruling

Aereo's downfall could have major implications for cloud tech and more, but cable companies continue to thrive.

Google Just Challenged Apple and Amazon on Multiple Fronts

Google's conference saw the company creating even more competitive services.


Enterprise Messaging: BlackBerry Limited Steps Up to the Plate

BlackBerry is fulfilling its app plans, but competitors like Microsoft and Cotap offer competition.


Apple Inc's WWDC Results: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

By mimicking Google and Facebook assets, Apple's updates set the company on a collision course with rivals.

3 Big Players to Watch as the Wearables Market Heats Up

The future of wearable technology has grown brighter thanks to strategic innovations from Intel, Samsung and others.


5 Disruptive Announcements Apple Could Make at WWDC 14

Home automation, NFC chips, eBooks and more -- what direction will Apple take?

Home Automation: Newcomers and Acquisitions in 2014

Here's what investors need to know about home automation.


Apple and Beats: The Music Market Is Set to Shift

HTC, Skullcandy, Amazon and others will feel the effects of a Beats acquisition.


Nintendo at a Loss as Consumers Wait for E3

Nintendo posts more losses while Sony and Microsoft consoles keep selling. Will E3 shift the power dynamic?

Twitter's Amazon Purchase Tool: A Shot in the Arm for Social Media?

Social shopping has the potential to stretch far beyond a single tweet.

Modular Phones: The Best Tech Enabler Yet?

The real winners in Project Ara are the suppliers it will energize.

Mobile Deep Linking: The Game-Changing Technology You've Never Heard Of

This game-changing technology is what's next.


A Wearables War: Can More Entrants Save Fitness Bands?

Players like Nike may be handing over fitness bands to companies such as Apple and Intel.

Can Apple and Amazon Beat Netflix?

Is it possible to catch up to Netflix? Investors seem to think so.

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