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Srdjan Bejakovic

Srdjan Bejakovic


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VMware, Inc. Remains Unstoppable in the Second Quarter

In the second quarter, VMware again reported great results. Its core business and its new initiatives seem to be thriving, prompting the question, can anyone stop VMware?

AT&T, Inc.'s Merger Plans Could Hurt Juniper Networks

Juniper's recently-announced guidance fell short of what analysts were expecting. Are big mergers at U.S. service providers, such as AT&T, to blame for the shortfall?

Why SanDisk Corporation Shares Could Drop Even Further

SanDisk recently hit a road bump that saw its share price drop. But is this a good moment to get in on this hot company?

Can HP and EMC Spread This Cloud Technology to Enterprise?

Object-based storage seems to be transforming from a promising, but experimental, technology into a mainstream solution. Can OEMs like HP and EMC profit from this opportunity?

Will AT&T, Inc. Leave Cisco and Juniper Networks Behind?

AT&T is engaging in a transformation of its network that might have serious consequences for its current suppliers of networking equipment, such as Cisco and Juniper Networks.


What Google's Bet on Containers Means for VMware

Google is standing firmly behind a new technology called Linux containers, which could eventually displace virtual machines. Is this terrible news for the main provider of virtual machine technology, VMware?


Will Cisco Help This Cloud Company Conquer Enterprise?

In partnership with Cisco, Akamai has released a new product called Akamai Connect. Will this allow Akamai to finally penetrate the enterprise market?

Will Amazon and Microsoft Fail in the Virtual Desktop Market?

Amazon and Microsoft recently released cloud products in the increasingly hot virtual desktop and application market. But, are the two giants late to the party?

Can NVIDIA Outsmart Intel in High-Performance Computing?

Intel and NVIDIA are competing in the high-performance computing market, with Intel seemingly on the offensive. Will NVIDIA suffer, or does it have a trick up its sleeve?

This Tech Company Isn't Afraid of Amazon

NetApp's revenue has stagnated as customers tighten IT budgets and look to the cloud. Can NetApp adjust its strategy and live on, or will it succumb to this technological shift?

Samsung Delivers a Revolutionary New Flash Product

Samsung is about to release the 850 Pro, a new solid-state drive that outstrips the competition thanks to an advance in flash technology.

Will Acquisitions Slow Avago's Growth?

Chipmaker Avago has been on a tear over the last year. It's also made a large acquisition that will effectively double revenue. But, will the acquisition actually slow growth down the line?

Is Analog Devices' Acquisition of Hittite Microwave a Good Deal for Investors?

Analog Devices is making a large acquisition in the form of fellow chipmaker Hittite Microwave. What's the rationale behind the deal, and will investors benefit?

Can Linear Technology Corporation Keep Outperforming the Semiconductor Industry?

On some key metrics, semiconductor maker Linear Technology outperforms competitors such as Texas Instruments and market leaders such as Intel. Does this make Linear a good long-term investment?

Will Net Neutrality Ruin Akamai?

Content-delivery network Akamai sits between content providers such as Netflix and ISPs such as Verizon. What do recent developments in the network neutrality debate mean for Akamai?


Can Analog Devices Meet Its Ambitious Earnings Goals?

Analog Devices has plans to double its earnings by 2020. Can the company deliver on this ambitious target?

Will SanDisk Corp's New Product Revolutionize the Storage Industry?

In a partnership with IBM, SanDisk is rolling out a new product that might prove transformative in the storage industry.

Can Akamai Continue Its Wild Growth?

Akamai has been on a tear lately, and its share price has gone up accordingly. Can the company continue this level of performance in the future?

Is Apple Finally Taking Over Enterprise?

Apple has been seeing growing adoption of its phones, tablets, and increasingly, notebooks in enterprise environments. What does this mean for the enterprise incumbent, Microsoft?

Can Symantec Survive Its Reorganization?

Symantec has had a rough year, and activist investors and private equity firms might try to break up or sell the firm. Can Symantec succeed with its reorganization and survive?