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Srdjan Bejakovic

Srdjan Bejakovic


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Will Red Hat, Inc. Profit From its Investment in This Burgeoning Market?

Red Hat has been investing heavily in open cloud infrastructure technologies, including an acquisition in the first quarter. Will this pay off for the company down the line?

Seagate Technology's Inititatives Put Pressure on Western Digital

Seagate has made several acquisitions and is investing in innovative technology. Will this bring growth for the company, and what does it mean for competitor Western Digital?

Can Western Digital Corporation Find Growth in New Markets?

Western Digital is seeking growth by expanding its product offerings and looking to new technologies. What are these new initiatives, and will they bring growth to the company?

Is Gunning for VMware's Core Business? made an announcement at the end of May that seems to threaten VMware's core business. What was the announcement, and what does it mean for the two companies?


Is Micron Technology Poised to Break Through This Key Industry Barrier?

Micron has been working on an innovative technology designed to break through the so-called memory wall. With its new collaboration with Intel, Micron seems poised to scale this technology to volume production.

Is Micron Technology Inc. Still a Buy?

Micron Technology reported another quarter of solid results in June. Even though the company has been on a tear over the last year, it still has room to grow and improve results down the line.

Is There Still Time to Get in on Synaptics Inc?

Synaptics' share price rose on the news of a big acquisition. What does this acquisition mean for Synaptics, and will the company's future performance justify the new higher price?

Is Atmel Due for a Stretch of Uninterrupted Growth?

Atmel experienced several rough patches in the last year, but it seems to be getting back on track. Is Atmel due for a period of recovery and growth, or will competitors such as Microchip and Synaptics get in the way?

Can Microchip Technology Inc. Keep Outperforming the Semiconductor Industry?

Microchip Technology posted 20% growth in 2013, compared to just 5.2% for the whole semiconductor industry. Can the embedded and analog chipmaker continue to outperform?

Can Broadcom’s Connectivity Business Survive?

Broadcom made a splash by announcing that it's pulling out of the cellular baseband business. But how will this affect its connectivity business, which forms the bulk of Broadcom's mobile and wireless segment?

Does Altera Make a Good Long-Term Investment?

Based on the growth prospects for the FGPA industry, and its position in that industry, would Altera make a good long-term investment?

Can Marvell Continue Its Strong Performance?

Can Marvell continue its strong performance, in spite of increased competition from MediaTek, a big patent infringement lawsuit, and a shrinking HDD market?

Are HP and Intel About to Revolutionize Virtual Desktops?

HP and Intel made big announcements at Citrix's Synergy event. What's the new technology that the computing giants are introducing, and what does it mean for the desktop virtualization industry?

Good News for Juniper Networks in the First Quarter

Juniper Networks saw good growth in two of its three main segments. But the company is also in the middle of a restructuring and its security business continues to struggle against competitors such as F5.

Can Xilinx Deliver on Its Plans for Growth?

Xilinx reported record revenue in the last fiscal year, and it has plans for more growth in coming years. Can it deliver, or will competitor Altera get in the way?

Can F5 Networks Continue to Exceed Expectations?

In the second quarter, F5 recorded 22% revenue growth year-over-year. Can the company keep exceeding expectations and continue to expand?

Can Xilinx and Altera Grab This Enormous Opportunity?

Will technological changes create a ten-fold increase in the market that chip makers Xilinx and Altera can address?

3 Reasons to Wait on SanDisk Corporation

SanDisk Corporation has been very hot lately. Here are some reasons to wait, in case you are considering buying SanDisk's stock.

Micron Technology Inc's Prospects Continue to Look Good

Micron Technology's share price has surged over the last year following great results. Can the company continue this growth going forward?

Is VMware Catching Up in End-User Computing?

VMware has made several moves in the end-user virtualization market over the last year. Will these moves make the company competitive against industry leader Citrix Systems?