Brian Gorman

Brian Gorman


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Merck's Special Interest

Merck is likely to succeed in getting states to mandate HPV vaccination.

Covance Stays Solid

Despite a run-up in the stock, Covance may be in for yet another solid year.

California Pizza Rising?

The company's EPS forecast is enticing, but is it enough to buy on?

Monsanto's Bigger Harvest?

High corn prices could allow Monsanto to raise seed prices and improve margins.

GM's Malibu Makeover

While it's no trailblazer, this new car model shows that the company is paying attention to the right things.

General Mills Rethinks Trix

The rise and fall of the company's low-sugar kids' cereals illustrates the pitfalls of responding hastily to media frenzies.

Monsanto Needs to Charm

The company has to confront concerns over genetically modified foods soon if it hopes to keep growing.

Hospira's Bold Move

The drug delivery outfit's stab at biosimilars is worth some attention, but investors shouldn't assume a major payoff.

Polo's Next Hurdle

The luxury goods purveyor looks poised to finish strong in fiscal 2007, but keeping up the pace will present a challenge.

Novartis' China Gambit

Novartis probably won't get any near-term dividend from its China investment, but the nation is too big to ignore.