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Rich Smith

Rich Smith


I like things that go "boom." Sonic or otherwise, that means I tend to gravitate towards defense and aerospace stocks. But to tell the truth, over the course of a dozen years writing for The Motley Fool, I have covered -- and continue to cover -- everything from retailers to consumer goods stocks, and from tech to banks to insurers as well. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the most important developments in defense & aerospace news, and other great stories besides.

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Lyft Promises to Go All-Electric by 2030

Tesla and other electric car makers should cheer Lyft along.

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Why United States Steel Stock Just Dropped 10%

Q2's loss will be even bigger than you thought.

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Why These 3 Chinese Internet Stocks Are Soaring Today

Bad news from China on the coronavirus might be good news for these tech stocks.

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Why Luckin Coffee Stock Dropped 7% This Morning

There's a little trouble in big China this week.

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Why Nikola Corporation Stock Popped 6% This Morning

Send your thank-you notes to Cowen & Co.

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Norwegian Cruises Won't Sail Again Before October -- If Then

The cruise line's move does not appear to be tied to any new order from the CDC.

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Tesla's New Model Y SUV Reportedly Plagued by Defects

Q2 manufacturing quota gets thrown into doubt.

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Why U.S. Steel, Cemex, and U.S. Concrete Stocks Popped 12% and More Today

$1 trillion is a lot of money to spend on infrastructure.

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Why Enphase Energy, Livent Corporation, and Plug Power Stocks All Popped Today

Alternative energy stocks are benefitting from prominent headline news.

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Why Marriott International, MGM, and Eldorado Resorts Stocks All Popped Today

Will another $1 trillion cash infusion get the economy going again?

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Why Carnival Corporation, Norwegian Cruise, and Royal Caribbean Stocks All Popped Today

$1 trillion goes a long way to stoke optimism in a troubled sector.

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Why General Electric Stock Popped 7% Today

Airlines are making the right moves to bring fliers back. Airplane sales, and airplane engine sales, could follow.

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Epic Games Is Now Worth Nearly Half As Much as Games Giant Electronic Arts

And Epic's bigger than Take-Two, too.

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Why Baidu Stock Jumped 10% Today

It could be a delayed reaction to praise on Monday.

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Taking a Page from Tesla's Notebook, Sunrun Builds a "Virtual" Solar Power Plant in California

Project's likely size is about 1.5 megawatts.

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Nikola Insiders File to Sell 53.4 Million Shares

A further 23.9 million shares could be issued by way of warrants being exercised -- and some of those shares, too, could be sold.

Gun and Bullets and Constitution

Why Smith & Wesson Brands Stock Popped 11% Today

Gun owners (and investors) rejoice! There's...bad news from the Supreme Court.

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Why GE Stock Dropped 5.5% Today, Then Got Most of It Back

The head of GE's biggest business just announced his retirement.

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Why AMC Entertainment Stock Dropped 10% This Morning

Even movie theater owners don't want to buy more movie theaters in the age of coronavirus.

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Why Marriott, Avis, and Azul Stocks Dropped Today

The coronavirus is still here.