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Rich Smith

Rich Smith


I like things that go "boom." Sonic or otherwise, that means I tend to gravitate towards defense and aerospace stocks. But to tell the truth, over the course of a dozen years writing for The Motley Fool, I have covered -- and continue to cover -- everything from retailers to consumer goods stocks, and from tech to banks to insurers as well. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the most important developments in defense & aerospace news, and other great stories besides.

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Row of device power cords of various types

Why Apple Stock Dropped This Morning

The EU doesn't like Lightning cords and plans to legislate them away.

Stock chart going up with marijuana leaves growing out of each peak

Why Sundial, Tilray, Canopy Growth, and Aurora Cannabis Stocks Are Glowing Green Today

Marijuana legalization legislation advances in the House this week.

Short circuit on a semiconductor chip

Why Nvidia Investors Are Nervous Today

Elon Musk agrees with IDC: The semiconductor shortage will be "short term."

On a $100 bill Benjamin Franklin looks worriedly over his shoulder at people carrying a Chinese flag

Why China Evergrande Group Stock Rose Today

Evergrande investors cheered the prospect of government intervention in the economy.

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Why Denison Mines and Energy Fuels Crashed Today

Have uranium prices finally peaked?

Marijuana plants

Why Canopy Growth, Sundial Growers, and Curaleaf Stocks Just Dropped

What went up just came back down -- as reality sets in.

Chinese flag superimposed on a stock market chart

Why China Evergrande Stock Just Crashed

Evergrande (probably) missed its deadline for paying interest on its debt.

Glowing green semiconductor chip with the word Bitcoin on it

Why Nvidia Stock Dropped This Morning

China is banning cryptocurrency, so what does that mean for crypto mining chip sales?

Green line heart monitor shows a big jump

Why General Electric Stock Leapt Higher Thursday

GE goes shopping -- and expects revenue, free cash flow, and bigger profit margins to result.

Arrow angles up on a green stock chart

Why Li-Cycle Holdings Stock Jumped Again Today

UBS analysts described the company as a "high risk/reward opportunity."

Green up arrow button and red down arrow button

Why Spire Global Stock Just Crashed 22%

What goes up, must come down.

Yellow electric air taxis over a cityscape

Why Joby Aviation Stock Just Popped 12%

Morgan Stanley is first in line to endorse the air taxi stock.

Red arrow going down crosses a green arrow going up

Why China Evergrande Stock Dropped, and Its EV Stock Followed

The slow-motion Evergrande collapse had an unexpected side effect today.

Smiling woman with hair flying in the breeze stands on a cruise ship balcony

Why Carnival Stock Popped Today

The cruise line predicts 50% of its ships will be sailing next month, and 65% by next year.

Glowing semiconductor chip

Why Nvidia Stock Just Popped

A market-intelligence provider has good news (and better news) for the semiconductor industry.

American flag with marijuana plants in the background

Why Marijuana Stocks Are Rocking Today

Uncle Sam wants YOU! to let banks do business with marijuana companies.

Stock up glowing green arrow climbs on a stock screen

Why Spire Global Stock Jumped Again Today

One day after its share price spiked, the space-to-cloud data and analytics company announced a partnership deal.

Big red arrow going down over a stock chart

Why Facebook Dropped 4% Today

"The New York Times" just joined "The Wall Street Journal's" anti-Facebook crusade.

Man examines a stock chart superimposed on a Chinese flag

Why China Evergrande Group Stock Bounced 47% Today

Evergrande pays some interest on a debt. Investors cheer.

Lady looks askance at a red stock arrow going down

Why Disney Stock Dropped Today

Disney+ subscriber growth is slowing, and dividends remain a distant hope.