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Jeremy MacNealy

Jeremy MacNealy


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The country represents a Godzilla-sized opportunity for this restaurateur.

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In the latest call, Best Buy offers important insight into its China biz.

Darden Serves Up a Hot Plate

Red Lobster and Olive Garden contributed to a solid quarter.

Dress Barn Goes Into Markdown Mode

Softer sales and subsequent promotional activity will challenge the retailer in the near term.

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The conference call plugged investors into the online gaming specialist's strategy.

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There's no mystery about its sales. There are clues about that success, and the rest of the year.

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A refreshed line of autumn merchandise may pick the retailer up after multiple fashion missteps.

Inventory Bogs Down Citi Trends

Sales remain strong, but steps to lower inventory levels negatively affect earnings.

Another Unexciting Chapter at Borders

Sales are strong, but the bookseller still sees a significant loss in Q2.

Fool on Call: American Eagle's Flight Plan

AEO's conference call offered clues to its two newest brands' performance.

Fool on Call: Abercrombie's Growth Spurt

From RUEHL to new retail, the clothing chain's on the move.

The Oakland Raiders of Retail

Hot Topic and the Raiders share a similar look -- and a similar affinity for yellow flags.

The Arizona Cardinals of Retailers

Perennial loser Wilsons takes another beating.

Redhook's Impending Hangover

Rising barley costs and an unfavorable sales mix will hurt the brewery.

Fool on Call: Building a Better Home Depot

The home-improvement giant is making important investments to improve its stores.

Fool on Call: MySpace Ramps Up

The social-networking king is turning personal profiles into corporate profits.

Bob Evans Banks on Mimi's

Will management's faith in Mimi's growth potential pan out?

Thank Mr. Grumpy for Today's California Pizza Gift

The Q2 numbers were outstanding -- so why is the market so bent out of shape?

Fool on Call: Polo Ralph Lauren's Missed Opportunity

The premium apparel producer dropped the ball with its retail development strategy.

Fool on Call: Blue Nile to Shine in Europe

The jewelry e-tailer plans for its first holiday season in Europe.