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Charly Travers

Charly Travers


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Will You Actually Eat at the Restaurant of Tomorrow?

Technology is rapidly changing how people get their food, and restaurants are adapting.

How Thinking Globally Can Boost Your Portfolio

Every diversified portfolio needs global exposure. We dive into some of the benefits and risks involved with international stocks.

Stocks to Watch in 2014: Twitter, Intel, and Bank of Internet

Here's why our analysts have dubbed Twitter, Intel, Bank of Internet, Potash Corporation and Extendicare as stocks to watch in 2014.

The Best CEO of 2013: Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg?

Who was the best CEO of 2013? Jeff Bezos of Amazon? Robert Benmosche of AIG? Or Steve Ells of Chipotle? Our Foolish analysts give their nominations.

How to Find Winners in the Biotech Space

What is the key to investing in long-term winners like Vertex and BioMarin?

3 Health-Care Stocks to Watch Today

Why investors should get AON, Shire, and Novartis on their watchlists.

Coach Is the Stock to Buy in August: Here's Why

The Motley Fool's very own Charly Travers sits down to discuss why Coach is now one of his top stocks to buy.

Yet Another Retailer Struggles With Consumer Spending

Nordstrom shares are down 3% as forward guidance worries investors.

Yum! Can't Shake Its Trouble in China

New same-store sales numbers show that Yum! Brands is still far from out of the woods in China. Should you be worried?

Our Top 2 Stocks: Nordstrom and Coach

Two top Fools give investors the top holdings in their portfolios, and tell us why they're betting big on these companies.

Nokia's Turnaround-in-Progress

Microsoft Delivers Record Q2 Revenue

Ask a Fool: Lighting a Fire Under Big Tobacco

Time to do some speculative investing in Big Tobacco on the coming marijuana boom?

Splitting Bananas and Fending Off Foreign Fruit

Fool analyst Charly Travers discusses Dole's prospects.

Why Buy Nokia? 3 Reasons

Three good reasons to consider buying Nokia today.

3 Ways to Really Understand Microsoft Share Prices

Microsoft investors need to tune out the noise and focus closely on this.

Can Nokia Speed Up the Clock?

This is what Nokia investors need to watch.

The Walls at Castle Microsoft Have Been Breached

Microsoft's once insurmountable moat has been crossed, and if you're a Microsoft investor asleep at the switch, these new risks might cost you money.

How You'll Know It's Time to Sell Microsoft: 3 Signs

Three strong indicators you should be watching, that will tell you it's time to get out.

Why Sell Nokia? 3 Things to Consider

If you're a Nokia shareholder, you'll want to think about these 3 things.