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Jim Mueller, CFA

Jim Mueller, CFA


Jim is a Senior Analyst for Stock Advisor, Motley Fool Options, and Supernova. He received the CFA charter in 2015.

Recent articles


This Psychological Barrier Could Cost Your Portfolio Big Time

Adding to winners is easy to say, but it's hard to do.


Investing in Renewable Energy

Getting your head around the sector.


How to Invest in Options

When done right, options can be a source of slow-and-steady returns.


SolarCity Looks Like a Huge Mistake for Tesla

Even putting aside the fires at Walmart, SolarCity could be a ticking bomb for Tesla’s future.


What Investors Should Know About the U.S./China Trade War

What led to this standoff, which companies are most affected, how to invest in this market, and much more.


Netflix's Latest Decision Is Not a Good One

Netflix's decision to delay release of its Q1 2017 quarterly video interview hurts both investors and analysts, and raises the possibility of violating Reg FD.


Stocks Are Down; You Don't Have to Be

The market is providing investors with lots of "teachable moments."

Goodbye to the Messed-Up Expectations Portfolio

After 4.5 years, my job has grown to the point where I cannot fairly run this portfolio.

Don't Worry About the Next Drop -- Plan for It

Four simple steps you can take to prepare for the next stock market drop.

GameStop: The Company That Refuses to Die

Growing loyal customers and expanding on its hard-won expertise as a retailer of used electronics, GameStop just hasn't played by Wall Street's book.

Barnes & Noble Is More Profitable Than It Looks on the Surface

With the upcoming spinoff of the college division, and a move toward improving the Nook, investors could be overlooking a sweet deal.

Core Laboratories NV Is My Oil Price Play

Trying to take advantage of any recovery in the price of oil, I'm choosing a stronger company than where I was invested before.

After Too Long, I'm Selling Transocean

It can take a while for some lessons to sink in, but this is one I've learned: Investment thesis drift can be hazardous to your wealth.

I'm Thankful for Lower Share Prices

Taking advantage of some market movement to add shares of three companies to my portfolio.

5 Years From Now, You'll Wish You Had Bought Mobileye Today

Shares might seem expensive, but I believe today's price will look like a bargain a few years down the road.

Even at This Price, Netflix Is a Buy

Don't get anchored to the high price. The investing thesis and growth story are strong.

3 Reasons to Buy Trinity Industries

After a successful investment in Western Refining, the Messed-Up Expectations portfolio is putting some of that cash to work in Trinity Industries, tying the decision to increased crude-by-rail transport and safety.

Why I'm Selling Western Refining Today

After three years of ownership and a double, the investing thesis has played out. Time to sell and move on.

A Deep Dive Into 3D Systems, Part 13: Should Investors Buy Into the Hype?

12 articles later, 3D Systems faces one analyst's judgement...

A Deep Dive Into 3D Systems, Part 12: Is This 3-D Printing Bear Right the Second Time Around?

A look into Citron's latest negative report on 3D printing.

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