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Jim Mueller, CFA

Jim Mueller, CFA


Jim is a Senior Analyst for Stock Advisor, Motley Fool Options, and Supernova. He received the CFA charter in 2015.

Recent articles


How to Invest in Options

When done right, options can be a source of slow-and-steady returns.


SolarCity Looks Like a Huge Mistake for Tesla

Even putting aside the fires at Walmart, SolarCity could be a ticking bomb for Tesla’s future.


What Investors Should Know About the U.S./China Trade War

What led to this standoff, which companies are most affected, how to invest in this market, and much more.


Netflix's Latest Decision Is Not a Good One

Netflix's decision to delay release of its Q1 2017 quarterly video interview hurts both investors and analysts, and raises the possibility of violating Reg FD.


Stocks Are Down; You Don't Have to Be

The market is providing investors with lots of "teachable moments."

Goodbye to the Messed-Up Expectations Portfolio

After 4.5 years, my job has grown to the point where I cannot fairly run this portfolio.

Don't Worry About the Next Drop -- Plan for It

Four simple steps you can take to prepare for the next stock market drop.

GameStop: The Company That Refuses to Die

Growing loyal customers and expanding on its hard-won expertise as a retailer of used electronics, GameStop just hasn't played by Wall Street's book.

Barnes & Noble Is More Profitable Than It Looks on the Surface

With the upcoming spinoff of the college division, and a move toward improving the Nook, investors could be overlooking a sweet deal.

Core Laboratories NV Is My Oil Price Play

Trying to take advantage of any recovery in the price of oil, I'm choosing a stronger company than where I was invested before.

After Too Long, I'm Selling Transocean

It can take a while for some lessons to sink in, but this is one I've learned: Investment thesis drift can be hazardous to your wealth.

I'm Thankful for Lower Share Prices

Taking advantage of some market movement to add shares of three companies to my portfolio.

5 Years From Now, You'll Wish You Had Bought Mobileye Today

Shares might seem expensive, but I believe today's price will look like a bargain a few years down the road.

Even at This Price, Netflix Is a Buy

Don't get anchored to the high price. The investing thesis and growth story are strong.

3 Reasons to Buy Trinity Industries

After a successful investment in Western Refining, the Messed-Up Expectations portfolio is putting some of that cash to work in Trinity Industries, tying the decision to increased crude-by-rail transport and safety.

Why I'm Selling Western Refining Today

After three years of ownership and a double, the investing thesis has played out. Time to sell and move on.

A Deep Dive Into 3D Systems, Part 13: Should Investors Buy Into the Hype?

12 articles later, 3D Systems faces one analyst's judgement...

A Deep Dive Into 3D Systems, Part 12: Is This 3-D Printing Bear Right the Second Time Around?

A look into Citron's latest negative report on 3D printing.

A Deep Dive Into 3D Systems, Part 11: Is This 3-D Printing Naysayer Right?

Diving into Cirton's bearish report on 3D Systems.

It's Still OK to Buy Stocks -- Try These 3

Just because the market is near all-time highs doesn't mean we should stop investing. Here are three companies I'll be adding to my positions in.