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Ryan's Is Cooking Up Cash Flow

Investors get a glimpse into what cash flow would look like if heavy investment in growth were eliminated.

One Bad Applebee's

Those commercials are just one of the company's problems, but a new menu is on the way.

IHOP Stacks Up

Special menu items and new locations should keep the cash coming in.

Viva Panera

The eatery posts a strong quarter and sees plenty of room for growth.

Affymetrix Gets Chipped Again

The woes continue for Affymetrix, the leading provider of high-density microarray products.

UPS Delivers the Goods

Brown keeps growing, right along with the growth in international trade.

G Is for Google

The search king gets back on track in a big way.

Investors Jump Ship at Genzyme

If you're a long-term investor, I'm guessing that you weren't selling shares of Genzyme yesterday.

Follow the Leader

Sometimes it's more dangerous not to play.

A More Hardy Hardee's

Burger-chain parent CKE Restaurants posts juicier results.