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Matt Logan

Matt Logan


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Fortune Brands' CEO Norman Wesley says the company is undervalued.

Building a Fortune

Fortune Brands' CEO talks about the company's history, expansion, and innovation.

Value in a Diverse Team

Legg Mason's Mary Chris Gay explains how a seasoned team can boost success.

Golden Rule of Investing

Legg Mason's Mary Chris Gay talks about how to keep cool under pressure.

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Legg Mason's Mary Chris Gay shares her secrets for outperforming the S&P 500.

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Legg Mason's Mary Chris Gay knows when to pay for growth and when to sell a stock.

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Legg Mason's Mary Chris Gay shares the secrets to her investing success.

The One Investor to Bet On

Who's the one investment manager you'd put your money on?

Identifying Franchises

Columbia University's Bruce Greenwald talks about how to identify a franchise.

The Art of Shorting

Columbia University's Bruce Greenwald teaches the dos and don'ts of shorting.

To Hold Cash or Not?

Columbia University's Bruce Greenwald says you shouldn't always hold cash if you can't find a bargain.

Value Investing 101

Columbia University's Bruce Greenwald shares the three steps of value investing.

Dealing in Brand Appeal

Cherokee's CFO explains how a focused approach seals deals.

License to Make Money

Cherokee's CFO shares the strategy that made the apparel maker one of the leaders in licensed brands.

5 Stocks for the Next 10 Years

Bill Nygren shares why he stands behind these solid stocks.

Nygren's Master List

Bill Nygren names the best and the brightest value investors.

Why This Value Guru Sleeps Well

Bill Nygren's not worried about the market's valuation, so why are you?

7 Lessons From the Racetrack

A trip to the racetrack can make good business analysts become better investors.

Google's Searching for Trouble

Geico's suing Google and Overture.

The Coca-Cola Connection

Despite a web of relationships between directors, Coca-Cola's board is the real thing.