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Andy Cross

Andy Cross


Analyst and advisor

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Strayer Earns Top Marks: Fool by Numbers

The education provider passes its fourth quarter with flying colors.

Drew Drives Growth in 2005: Fool by Numbers

Drew delivers top- and bottom-line growth in 2005.

Drew's High Road in Q4: Fool by Numbers

The RV manufacturer sees higher operating margins and strong EPS growth in the fourth quarter.

MPX's Rough Seas in Q4: Fool by Numbers

Fast facts the Fool way.

Marine Products Sails Into 2006: Fool by Numbers

MPX sailed some mixed seas in 2005, but the company is inching up production so far this year.

La-Z-Boy's Margins Move in Q3: Fool by Numbers

La-Z-Boy generated some year-over-year growth in gross margins, but operating margins fell.

Blackboard Passes the Test in Q4: Fool by Numbers

Blackboard powers through a strong Q4 but tempers future expectations.

No Black Eye for Blackboard in 2005: Fool by Numbers

The company earned an A, but stock options accounting will hurt earnings for this year.

Buffalo Wild Wings' Spicy 2005: Fool by Numbers

The wings aren't the only thing hot here. Sales and earnings grew more than 20% in 2005.

Buffalo Wild Wings' Smoking Q4: Fool by Numbers

The king of wings delivers 21% revenue growth and beats analysts' forecasts.

A Mixed 2005 for Comcast: Fool by Numbers

Subscribers pay more dollars for more services, but net income takes a hit.

Comcast Delivers the Top Line: Fool by Numbers

Comcast operations seem to be rolling along, but the bottom line suffered in Q4.

Three Blue Chips Go for the Gold

Find out which businesses will be on the medal stand come 2010.

Sara Lee Bakes in a Slower 2006: Fool by Numbers

Turning the ship around at Sara Lee continues, but not without a little pain.

BUD's Dud of a Quarter: Fool by Numbers

Fast facts, the Fool way.

Magical Secrets of Small-Cap Investing

A large-cap investor searches for some small-cap stock ideas.

My Pops May Dig Topps

Topps' candy sale flops, but the company still has value.

Scripps Slips, But Will It Get Back Up?

E.W. Scripps anticipates a weaker fourth quarter, but its long-term prospects are bright.