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Short Interest -- What It Is, What It Is Not

Here are the basics of short interest that every investor should know.


Nothing Micro About Microcap Fraud: Investing in Low-Priced Stocks

Investors look to microcaps for their potential gains, but is there potential fraud too?


Social Isolation and the Risk of Investment Fraud

How has social isolation among seniors contributed to investment scams?


Following the Crowd: Investing and Social Media

Is following social media advice the right path to investing success?


Ready for Options Trading? Make Sure You Understand Assignment First

Your first assignment: decoding this important options term before you start trading.


SEC Regulation Best Interest and Form CRS: What You Need to Know

Here's what you need to know about the new SEC rules designed to help everyday investors make decisions and work with investment professionals.


In a Search for Safety, Be Alert for Imposters

When the market is volatile, investing scams abound. Keep these 3 FINRA-guided tips in mind to avoid being duped by fraudsters posing as reputable, name-recognized firms.


COVID-19 Early Withdrawals

FINRA, NASAA, and SEC Staff offer a joint warning to investors about promoters targeting retirement accounts, and provide a few key considerations for investors thinking of using 401(k) withdrawals or loans to purchase securities.


3 Things to Know About Stablecoins

Learn the basics of this type of digital asset.


Fraud and Your Investment Accounts During COVID-19 Pandemic

Protect your accounts during the pandemic (and beyond) with these 4 top tips.

CARES Act 2020: Retirement Fund Access and Student Loan Relief

Saving for retirement or paying off student loans? Check out four key facts you need to know about the CARES Act.

Fraud and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Use these tips and resources to protect yourself from fraud related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Key Terms for Tough Times: The Vocabulary of Stressed Markets

When the markets are turbulent, make sure you're current with the definitions of these financial terms.


Financial Peace of Mind in the Age of Coronavirus

When it feels like so many things are out of our control, sometimes the best thing to do is focus on the things that are. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to help feel more financial security right now.


Consider Adding a Trusted Contact to Your Brokerage Account

FINRA and the SEC's Office of Investor Education and Advocacy are urging investors to take this step.

Turbulent markets

Investor Tips for Turbulent Markets

Keep calm and follow these five steps.


Keep the Harmony Alive: Discussing Investing with Your Partner

Begin with a conversation. It's important for each partner to understand the other person's tolerance for risk.


What Do Investors Need To Know About the Secure Act?

If you have questions about how the SECURE Act changes may impact you and your financial situation, speak to your financial or tax professional.

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Am I a Pattern Day Trader?

Pattern day traders must maintain minimum equity of $25,000 in their margin accounts. This required minimum equity must be in your account prior to engaging in any day-trading activities.


It Pays to Pay Attention to Your Brokerage Account Statements

You should read your brokerage account statements regularly. Here's why.