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Ellen Simonson Bowman

Ellen Simonson Bowman


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Is it safe to start an options portfolio with $5? What about $500? How much of your total portfolio should options make up?


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Options have a reputation for inherent riskiness, but in reality they can produce a steady income stream similar to that of dividends.


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You might end up thinking you can't lose.


Options Valuation for Beginners

How are options prices set?


What the Toronto Blue Jays Can Teach About Options Investing

How do you make it into the Hall of Fame?


People Like to Do Things. Options Investing Can Help

It's possible to buy and hold for the long term and still fulfill your desire for action.


Why Valuation Matters in Options Investing

Because it's possible to both be right and lose money.


Options for Beginners: How to Think About Diversification

You can achieve success with options by using a single strategy on a single company, if you so desire.


Options for Beginners: Valuation First, Strategy Second

It's important to know the underlying company before you choose an options strategy on a stock.


Why Options Investors Should Avoid Meme Stocks

One word: leverage.


Why It's Often Best to Sell Options and Not Buy Them

For one thing, you get paid.


What Not to Do as a Beginning Options Investor

Heed these warnings or you, too, could end up accidentally incinerating $5,000 before breakfast.


The Most Important Rule for Options Investors to Know

If options come second, what comes first?


Options for Beginners: Why Patience Matters

Options are short-term strategies, but we use them for long-term results.


Options for Beginners: How to Roll Your Position and Why

Options positions have expiration dates, but what if you want to keep your position going? Analyst Jim Gillies explains how to "roll."


Why Should You Use Options in Investing?

With options investing, there are always choices -- here are some of the ways you can make covered calls work best for you.


Everything Options Investors Need to Know About Dividend Poaching

One aspect of options investing newbies need to know about is "dividend poaching." Analyst Jim Gillies explains what it is and how to avoid it.