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Chris Hill


Full-time host of the Motley Fool Money radio show, MarketFoolery podcast, and other things. Part-time connoisseur of movies, basketball & fine bourbon.

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2 Reasons Pfizer Is on Our Minds Today

First, it raised some spinoff speculation. Second, it's in an intriguing tussle with J&J that could affect the biosimilars market for everyone.

It's a Dystopia Out There for Old Media

A weak opening for "Blade Runner 2049" presages a dark future for theaters, while Ad Age asks why advertisers are paying for TV commercials.

A Wall Street Wedding (and a Divorce)

T-Mobile and Sprint are in advanced merger talks. Meanwhile, General Electric is parting ways with its industrial solutions unit.

1 Weekend, 2 Very Different Disasters

Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on the U.S. Southeast; meanwhile, we learned that an enormous data hack at Equifax will touch nearly all of us.

Tesla Speeds Ahead, While Teva Hits the Skids

For the electric-car maker, outperformance in Q2 was just the prologue to the real challenge. For the generic-drug maker, the news just keeps getting worse.