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Colleen Paulson

Colleen Paulson


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MSG Stands for Mighty Strong Growth

Madison Square Garden beats first-quarter earnings estimates.

Philip Morris Embarks on Worldwide Domination

The company increases EPS guidance on booming first-quarter results

Hazy Days Ahead for Altria?

Altria's first quarter combines earnings growth with market share decline

Madison Square Garden Goes for a Full-Court Press

Fourth-quarter earnings are highlighted by 19.2% growth in operating income.

Who's Broke Now?

Drink their products, but be wary of the stocks of these two beverage companies.

The World Is Big Enough for Philip Morris

Philip Morris delivers earnings growth despite organic volume decline.

All Altria Does Is Deliver Results

Altria sees continued earnings growth in spite of volume drop.

Who's Broke Now?

These days, it's survival of the fittest for consumer products companies.

Can Smoking Growth Continue in 2011?

Tobacco stocks outperformed the S&P in 2010; will trend continue in 2011?

You're So Money, Philip Morris

PM boosts free cash flow and volume in its third quarter.

Marlboro Lights It Up for Altria

Marlboro cigarette sales and cost savings drive Altria EPS growth.

The Real State of Big Tobacco

Individual states could hold the key to profit growth.

Altria Gets Its MO-jo Back

Altria is smoking hot with its strong second-quarter results.

Philip Morris Catches Fire

Philip Morris International delivers strong revenue, earnings growth.

Government Snuffs Marlboro's Lights

FDA's moves to control cigarette labeling and packaging take a bite.

Who's Broken Now?

These companies may find themselves in trouble as confidence drops.

Philip Morris Starts to Rebound

Revenue growth and favorable currency exchange boost the tobacco titan's results.

Who's Broke Now?

These days, it's survival of the fittest in retail and consumer products.

Altria's Stayin' Alive

Altria delivers EPS growth in spite of a decline in cigarette volume.

Big Tobacco Is Back to Business

Philip Morris USA touts "lower risk" smokeless tobacco.

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