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Dan Dzombak

Dan Dzombak


Dan Dzombak has written for The Motley Fool since 2008. He covers value investing, investing process, and success among other things. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter by clicking the buttons below or head over to his blog at

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Health Care Leads the Dow Jones Higher Today

After a federal appeals court declared Obamacare subsidies on federal exchanges to be illegal, the health care sector is gaining, as many believe the decision will be overturned.


Why Visa Is Rallying the Dow Jones Today

Visa is pulling the Dow higher today. Here's why.

Why the Dow Jones Is Lower Today

A plane crash in Ukraine and weak economic reports weigh on the DJIA today.


Intel Leads the Dow Jones Higher

Tech is surging after Intel's better than expected earnings and Apple and IBM's deal to go after the enterprise market.


Why Financials Spiked to Lead the Flat Dow Jones Today

JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are lifting financials and the DJIA.


Why the Dow Jones Is Surging Today

Banking giant Citigroup's earnings are pushing the rest of the financial sector higher.


Why Big Oil is Holding Back the Dow Jones Today

Falling oil prices and headwinds to production are pulling down Chevron, ExxonMobil, and the DJIA.


Why the Dow Jones Plunged This Morning

The Dow Jones started the day down 180 points after banking problems in Europe. Read on to find out what this means for your investment strategy.


Nike, Adidas, and the Manchester United $1 Billion Licensing Deal

Adidas reportedly willing to agree to $1 billion licensing deal with Manchester United after Nike bows out.


Alcoa's Earnings Bode Well for the Broader Market

Alcoa reported better-than-expected earnings and reiterated its forecast for worldwide aluminum demand to rise 7% in 2014 -- good news for economic growth worldwide.


Flight to Yield After the Fed Statement Pushes Dow Jones Higher Today

Dividend-paying stocks, as well as the bond market, moved higher as the Fed announced no change going forward.

Why the Market Is Holding Its Breath

The DJIA is down today as we await the June Fed Statement.


Financials Lead the Dow Jones Today as Inflation Surprises

Goldman Sachs is leading financials and the DJIA higher today as inflation surprised to the upside.


Financials Drag on the Dow Jones Today

JPMorgan Chase is today's worst Dow financial, while Dow heavyweights Visa and Goldman Sachs are the biggest droppers by weight.

Intel’s Jump Leads the Dow Jones Higher Today

Intel spiked nearly 7% today as PC sales look to be far stronger than the giant had expected.

Why the Dow Jones Is Falling Today

Soft retail sales and rising oil prices pulled down the Dow Jones today.


Why the Dow Jones Is Dropping Today

High oil prices and slowing world growth weigh on the stock market today.


Why Is B/E Aerospace Down After Announcing a Split?

Short-term investors are selling out of B/E Aerospace after company announced a plan that will create long-term value.


Visa Props Up the Dow as U.S. Hiring Looks Promising

Visa rises following positive data on U.S. jobs and business confidence. Here's why the World Cup could push Visa higher.


Industrials Push Dow Jones Toward 17,000

Positive economic data out of Asia is pushing markets up around the world.