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Billy Duberstein


I love looking at the "story" behind investments from an interdisciplinary point of view, with an equal appetite for high-growth disruptors and beaten-down value names.

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Should You Start Your War-on-Cash Basket With Mastercard?

Mastercard has been an outperformer ever since its 2006 initial public offering. Here's why it could continue beating the market.

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Why Shares of Pinduoduo Fell 16.6% in August

Even winning stocks don't go up in a straight line.


Why Shares of 2U, Inc. Fell 18.2% in September

The online education platform cooled off with the weather after a hot first half of the year.


Why Snap Gained 15.6% in September

Snapchat parent Snap was able to defy the tech sell-off in September, but how?


Why BigCommerce Holdings Plunged 29.3% in September

After a post-IPO surge, BigCommerce's first earnings release left growth investors wanting.


Why Alphabet Stock Fell 10.1% in September

September was unkind to technology stocks, and Alphabet suffered from antitrust concerns as well.


3 Top Cybersecurity Stocks to Buy in October

Cybercrime is on the rise this year. Which are the best cybersecurity stocks to take on these new-age threats?


3 Large-Cap Stocks to Buy in October

They say there's strength in numbers. Even more important, there's diversity.


Forget IPOs: This Stock Is a Better Buy Right Now

Exciting September IPOs were bid up as the next big thing, but you should probably just invest in the current big thing.


Why Analysts Are Falling Over Themselves to Upgrade Alibaba

The Chinese e-commerce giant just held its investor day, and several big pieces of news stood out.


Cleveland-Cliffs Triples Down on America

Ahead of the U.S. presidential election, this steelmaker is betting big on a U.S. manufacturing revival.


Oxford, Moody's: Biden's Economic Plan Would Create More Jobs, Growth Versus Trump's

Two research firms believe a Biden economic plan would benefit the U.S. economy as a whole -- though the wealthy might not prefer it.


3 Reasons to Buy Palantir's Direct Listing

While a few issues will likely keep me away, Palantir is gaining some serious momentum in 2020.


3 Red Flags in Palantir's Upcoming Direct Listing

The controversial company has interesting potential, but these red flags are holding me back for now.


Got $3,000 and Under 30? Investing in These Growth Stocks Could Make You Rich

Young investors can afford to pay up for the companies with the biggest opportunities.


3 Discount Retailers to Buy Before the Next Recession

A lack of new stimulus could send the economy back down, but discount retailers have the business model to weather a tough economy.

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Why I Bought These 2 Tech Stocks Hand-Over-Fist in September

This dynamic duo offers a rare combination of growth, value, and wide moats.


3 Cash-Cow Stocks to Buy Ahead of the Next Market Crash

If the market crashes, you're going to a want a soft landing. That's why cash is king in these all-star stocks.

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Could Your Broker Cause the Next Market Sell-Off?

Interactive Brokers just made a move that could exacerbate election-year volatility.

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Don't Sweat the Prime Bike Snafu: These 2 Other Recent Amazon Announcements Are Much Bigger Deals

Amazon rose Tuesday after announcing a partnership with Echelon to make a Peloton competitor. But two other recent announcements could be much bigger deals.