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Brad Hessel

Brad Hessel


Recent articles

Is Gold Overpriced?: A Macro View

The debate around the price of gold persists -- and likely will for a long time to come.

Hedge Fund ETFs: Hedge Funds for the Rest of Us?

Though young, hedge-fund ETFs are still a far cry from the real deal.

Reconsidering the "New" BRICs

Currency fluctuations matter for investors in emerging markets, but they don't drastically change the outlook.

Forget the BRICs; Here's a Better Way to Think About Emerging Markets

And this one has an even better acronym: McRIBS.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water: An Update on Market Volatility

A review of the spike in volatility in the third quarter.

Can Behavioral Economics Boost Your Retirement Savings?

Shaped by 190,000 years of pre-civilization experience, humans make bad long-term value choices -- but there's hope yet.

For Market Volatility, No News Is Good News

Fourth-quarter 2010 volatility is a no-show. Are things back to normal?

ETFs Limit IPOs and Increase Risk? Not So Fast!

A rebuttal to the Kauffman report on ETFs.

Market Volatility Resumes Post-Crash Decline

For now, the market's collective wisdom is that 2008 was not 1929, and accordingly the odds of a cataclysm have shrunk.

Profit From the Next Billion Internet Users

They're on their way.

Dear President Obama, Per Your Request ...

A response to the president's plea for ideas on health-care reform.

So Far, It's Not Like the 1930s

Stock market volatility declines -- again.

Your First, Best Move for 2010: Refinance Your Mortgage

Higher rates and a weaker dollar are coming, so take advantage now!

This Volatility Is Off the Charts!

What to make of the market's ups and downs.