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Eric Jhonsa

Eric Jhonsa


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Who Benefits From Apple's iCloud?

Apple's new service is good news for several other tech companies.

Why F5 Networks Could Be Stumbling

The networking high flyer is seeing weak sales in some critical markets.

Don't Expect Big Things From Intel's Wireless Division

Competition abounds on both the high-end and low-end.

Nokia Makes the Gamble of a Lifetime

Partnering with Microsoft is riskier than partnering with Google, but the potential payoff is higher too.

Can Steve Jobs Learn From Henry Ford's Mistake?

Apple's one-size-fits-all strategy could prove to be a competitive weakness.

IPG Photonics Still Has Room to Run

The magnitude of the company's earnings beat justifies the stock's recent surge.

Will the Good Times Last for Qualcomm?

Earnings were great, but is the good news now baked in?

Our Top 5 Tech Stocks For 2011: IPG Photonics

The company's fiber lasers are gobbling up market share in a hurry.

Is an Android Price War Getting Under Way?

A lack of differentiation and a Verizon iPhone could mean falling phone prices.

Why Google TV Is Here To Stay

TV manufacturers have a big incentive to see the platform succeed.

When Apple and Motorola Fight, Only the Lawyers Win

The best option for both companies is to settle quickly and quietly.

Is Stubborn Old Apple Changing Its Ways?

Pay attention to what Steve Jobs does, not what he says.

Does the Market Have a New Nifty 50?

A handful of tech companies are now sporting nosebleed valuations.

Which Tech Companies Will Be Acquired Next?

The business IT giants are trying to become one-stop shops, and have the cash to make it happen.

Google, the Engineering King

The search giant's technical prowess is a major competitive advantage.

Why Google Voice Spells Trouble for AT&T and Verizon

Voice-over-IP and messaging services will eat into wireless carriers' revenues.

Why Smartphone Market Share Numbers Will Fool You

A tech company's market share often bears little relationship with its profitability.

Time to Start Worrying About Chip Stocks?

The July earnings numbers were great, but warning signs also emerged.

Waiting for an iPad Killer? Don't Hold Your Breath.

Rival tablets might be cheaper than the iPad, but they won't be better.

It's Google's Search World. Microsoft Just Lives in It.

Microsoft's new anti-competitive complaint.

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