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Beyond the Tablet Wars: Apple, Amazon, and the Cloud

What makes them both great will keep them great for years to come.

AT&T Drops T-Mobile Bid, Will Pay $4B Breakup Fee

But what about the spectrum deal?

Amgen, Watson Strike $400M Deal for Biosimilar Cancer Drugs

What does this important collaboration mean for biosimilars?

What Now? Reactions, Questions After the AT&T-Mo Failure

Are T-Mobile and Sprint the next hottest couple in wireless?

Vertex Names Jeff Leiden as New CEO, Staring Down Tough Competition

What does new leadership mean for Vertex's future?

Zillow Shows Why Microsoft Might Love the Kindle Fire: No Google Maps

No Google Maps!

Affymax Passes FDA Panel Scrutiny, Looks to Challenge Amgen Anemia Drug

Many investors wrote off Affymax in June 2010, but was that premature?

Pfizer Acquires Excaliard, an Isis Spinout With Drug to Fight Excessive Scarring

Pfizer is making a new bet on a new drug to fight excessive scarring.

Regeneron Wins FDA Approval for Macular-Degeneration Drug

The company can begin selling Eylea, which treats the leading cause of blindness in the elderly.

Amazon Pushing National Sales-Tax Bill

Looks like's pugnacious bet on national sales tax reform is paying off.

Celgene To Pump $45M into Quanticel to Discover Cancer Drugs, Gets Option To Acquire

Celgene strikes an unusual agreement.

Agios and Celgene: Anatomy of an Ultra-Valuable Biotech Marriage

An unprecedented cancer drug development deal.

Sprint Makes It Pretty Clear: Clearwire's on Its Own

Shares plummet as Sprint unveils plans that don't include the WiMax provider.

How Steve Jobs Rewired Our Lives -- and Raised Our Expectations

Steve Jobs' real legacy.

Merck Fine-Tunes Biosimilars Strategy as FDA Guidelines Loom

Merck readies itself to enter this potential new market.

Why Amazon’s Tablet Matters: It’s Not a Computer. It’s a Store.

Is this the iPad killer after all?

What the Changes at Facebook Mean for Apple and Google -- and You

Turning the social network inside out.

Orexigen Revives Obesity Drug After One More Go-Round With FDA

Orexigen has new life.

Bristol-Pfizer Team on Alert as FDA Reviews Stroke-Prevention Drug From Rivals J&J and Bayer

Who will come out ahead?

Steve Jobs Calling: The Stuff of Customer Service Legend

What kind of company will Apple be without Jobs?

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