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IE Surrenders First Countries to Chrome

Firefox holds steady, but IE sees a drop especially in South America.

How Much Would You Pay for an iPhone 4 Prototype?

How did this get out? And are you willing to cough up a hundred grand?

Google Extends Pre-Rendering to Chrome Location Bar

Accelerating search is a nice step in the right direction.

Mozilla Alienates Corporate Users

Kick half a million users to the curb? Firefox's rivals have to love that kind of arrogance.

Why the Non-iPad-Tablet Isn't Selling

Maybe the only way to compete effectively with Apple is to either create products that go where Apple doesn't want to go geographically or sharpen the product focus.

RIM's BlackBerry Can Rise Again

It just needs the right business partners and an independent focus.

Is Wintel Really History?

Asustek says so, but does that mean anything?

Chevrolet Raises 2012 Volt Prices

With all the extras, this car could set you back 50 grand.

Apple Expected to Ship 166 Million iPhones in 2015

Oh, and Windows Phone 7 will pass the iPhone and WebOS is dead.

Anticipating Steve Jobs' Response to Windows 8 and Ultrabooks

What angle will he take in what could be his last keynote?

Google Chrome Extreme: Eliminating Scrollbars

Want more screen real estate? Here's how.

PS4: Sony Gets Cost-Conscious

Expect a more conservative design.

Google Needs This Chrome OS PC

Why Big G doesn't give it more attention is a mystery.

The Next-Generation Browser: No URL Bar

Chrome is leading the way to the future.

Seagate Stretches the Common HDD to iPhones, Android

Running out of storage space? Seagate has an idea.

Why the Xbox 360 Will Be Microsoft's iPhone

The platform's advancements could change the company, as well as the face of computing.

Microsoft Kinect May Drop Avatars, Introduce Surrogates

A patent application offers a peek into what may be next.

Nokia Surrenders First Castle

Samsung now leads the way in Western Europe.

Sony Says It Was Hacked Through a Known Vulnerability

As many as 10 million credit cards may have been compromised.

Chrome Near 12%; IE and Firefox Decline

Microsoft claims success for IE9, but its share remains small.

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