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Fierce Wireless

Fierce Wireless


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Dish CEO: We Could Partner With T-Mobile if AT&T Deal Collapses

Clayton's comments are interesting, particularly in light of two recent developments.

Apple Sells 4M New iPhones in First Weekend

Apple breaks iPhone sales records yet again.

Clearwire Talks to AT&T, Verizon, and Others About Selling Capacity

Company hopes to raise millions.

FCC publishes net neutrality rules, likely sparking fresh lawsuits

Wireless carriers consider their options.

AT&T to DOJ: Merger Won't Change Competitive Landscape

The telecom fires back.

Samsung May Claim Top Smartphone Spot in Q2

Has Samsung overcome Apple and Nokia?

Microsoft Leads Industry Heavyweights in U.K. White Space Trial

The aim of the trial is to demonstrate that white space-based services will not interfere with digital TV transmissions.

Nokia's Hardware Expertise Will Be Wasted If Windows Phone Flops

Is Nokia stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Wireless Carriers and Tablets: What Is the Opportunity?

How are tablets fitting into the picture for wireless carriers?

AT&T's Justifications for T-Mobile Deal Run Into Static

Does this merger make sense?

ABI, IDC Wrangle Over Future of Windows Phone

Will the Windows Phone 7 struggle to get market share?

RIM Embraces Android Apps for PlayBook, but At What Cost?

Is RIM "doing it wrong"?

AT&T to Buy T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion

The move will combine America's second- and fourth-largest carriers.

RIM, Microsoft Ink Cloud Computing Deal

RIM enters the cloud.

Nokia Teases U.S. Symbian Push With CTIA Event

Nokia hasn't given up on Symbian yet.

Apple Trumps Competitors With Smartphone Revenues

But others are catching up.

Clearwire: Resolving Wholesale Dispute With Sprint Key to Funding Decisions

Clearwire wants more investors, but it has to settle up with Sprint first.

HP Unveils webOS TouchPad Tablet and Smartphones

HP debuts lots of new wireless devices.

Nokia CEO Likely to Shake Up Executive Team

Stephen Elop is looking to shake things up.

T-Mobile CEO Humm Unveils Turnaround Plan

T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm unveiled a comprehensive turnaround plan he said will revitalize the company.