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Chris Baines

Chris Baines


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I Was Wrong About Apple

Throwing in the towel.

Brown-Forman's Steady and Sober Quarter

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Is SodaStream Fizzling Out?

I've stopped using my machine. Do you still like yours?

Might Buffett Buy Monster Like He Did Coke in 1988?

The energy-drink maker could offer monstrous returns.

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The world's safest company grew 10% last year.

Why the Deficit Isn't a Problem

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the deficit.

Why Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Is a Core Holding for Your Portfolio

For a ready-made portfolio of great companies, look here.

Why Companies Can Shun Dividends

Quit worrying about dividend policy and focus on what really matters.

What Groupon and Google Can Learn From LivingSocial

Day trips are the secret to success.

The Corporation: a New Activist?

Men's Wearhouse sticks its neck out. It's no longer alone.

Berkshire's Derivative Losses Don't Matter

Berkshire's operating earnings are up 36.8%.

The Spookiest Markets Offer the Biggest Returns

Look to countries you'd never visit for bigger returns.

Why Getting A Flu Shot Is Critical

Vaccines save the lives of millions.

Apple's Mistake: Not Naming It iPhone 5

The 4S moniker is a total buzzkill.

Why Apple Should Not Pay a Dividend

Ignore the pundits; don't let the lack of a dividend keep you up at night.

Family Firms Power Market-Beating Returns

Businesses that keep it in the family can make outstanding investments.

Michael Dell Zings HP Over PC Exit, Bad Capital Allocation

It’s official -- HP’s Compaq acquisition was a waste.

SodaStream: Is the Market on Crazy Pills?

The market's reaction to SodaStream earnings doesn't make sense.

Berkshire's Earnings Are No Reason to Sell

Profit from the market chaos by buying Buffett’s baby at close to book value.

S&P Downgrade Doesn't Make Sense

How does a country with a printing press default?