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Isac Simon

Isac Simon


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A Fantastic Buying Opportunity in Oil

This company's 10% plunge presents a once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity.

Brigham Exploration Looks Like a Winner

Record production growth and a promising future should mean a long-term winner in this stock.

Crimson Exploration Is the Opposite of a Buy

With a mountain to climb, the picture looks bleak for this small-cap stock.

The Truth About Big Oil's Quarterly Earnings

It takes more than favorable market conditions to make a stock worthy of your portfolio.

1 Company That Could Become the Next Big Oil Player

Future plans look exciting as Anadarko Petroleum's second-quarter results beat expectations.

Is PetroQuest Energy the Best Small-Cap Energy Stock?

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GMX Resources Looks Strong for Future Growth

A "diversification" will hugely benefit this small-cap company.

Stone Energy: High Potential, High Risk

A drop in production could hurt the stock.

Will EXCO Resources Recover In the Long Run?

The company has sacrificed short-term profits for long-term gain.

McMoRan's Deepwater Gulf Expedition Looks Very Uncertain

With a flow test scheduled for the year's end, it's too early to make a call.

Plains Exploration Has a Bumpy Ride Ahead

While expansion plans look great on paper, a deeper look into the finances shows the process might not be easy.

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Is Whiting Petroleum's strategy worth it?

Why Samson Oil & Gas May Not Be That Attractive

This small cap has large plans. But can it prove itself?