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Isac Simon

Isac Simon


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These companies will benefit greatly from the WTI-Brent spread.

Chesapeake's Loss Is Chevron's Gain

Chevron positions itself to take advantage of this liquids-rich play

Transocean Sheds Unwanted Assets, Focuses on the Ultra-Deep

The Swiss giant says goodbye to shallow-water drilling.

This Oil Stock Should Make Long-Term Investors Salivate

A fundamentally sound refiner.

Will ConocoPhillips Cut Its Dividend?

Plunging oil prices seem to be taking a toll on the company.

3 Oil Stocks That Should Recover From the "Crude" Shock

The latest slide in crude oil prices presents a fantastic opportunity for energy investors.

Why Penn West's Numbers Could Be Misleading

The company's assets must be capable of generating profitable returns.

Why Long-Term Investors Should Take a Look at EOG Resources

Sometimes earnings data do not reflect the true potential of an E&P company

Is Halliburton Undervalued?

A company's assets must be capable of generating profitable returns.

A Worthy Cash-Rich Refiner

With crude oil prices falling, this company stands to gain immensely.

Energy Investors Should Take a Look at This Stock

A lot of people are overlooking this name.

Why the Refining Industry Should Benefit From Falling Oil Prices

This industry could be poised for a turnaround.

Is McDermott Undervalued?

Can the company's assets generate profitable returns?

Will the Seaway Pipeline Make a Difference?

The reversal of the pipeline sounds good, but is it really a big deal?

Why Demand Does Not Explain $4 Gas

While it's tempting to go with the flow, reality could be something else

Don't Be Misled by Kodiak's Latest Numbers

There's more to a company than one quarter's earnings results.

Does National Oilwell Varco Hold Promise?

The outstanding quarterly earnings result could be a clue to what the company holds in store.

Can ATP Oil & Gas Make a Comeback?

There's more to a company than a quarterly earnings result.

What's Next for Valero?

The future for this refiner looks uncertain.

Is SandRidge Built to Succeed?

Investing in this stock can be downright scary.

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