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Shubh Datta

Shubh Datta


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A look at Dunkin' Brands' debt situation.

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Heinz profits fall 22% as its looks to drive global growth.

Here's Why You Should Give Hudson City Some More Time

An improvement in credit quality helps Hudson overturn losses

Lloyds Is on the Path to Recovery

Lloyds strengthens its balance sheet as it posts a marginal profit.

Synovus Hits the Trifecta

Synovus records third consecutive quarterly profits helped by improving credit quality.

Can Macy's Manage Its Debt?

A look at Macy's debt situation.

Can Safeway Manage Its Debt Burden?

A look at Safeway's debt situation.

Campbell Soup Hit by a Double Whammy

Campbell Soup's profits fall as it spends more on promotions.

Macy's Looks to Cash In on the Chinese Market

Macy's ventures out into the Chinese e-commerce space.

Can Starbucks' Schultz Work His Magic in Europe?

Starbucks announces a series of management changes as it looks to revive its European operations.

Genworth Disappoints Investors

Genworth's profits drop as results from its Australian business fall short.

Foot Locker Scores a Slam Dunk

Foot Locker posts a colorful quarterly show with EPS soaring 38%.

Can Express Scripts Manage Its Debt?

A look at Express Scripts' debt situation.

SUPERVALU's Debt Looks Manageable

Let's take a look at SUPERVALU's debt situation.

Have Some Faith in J.C. Penney

Penney's had an awful quarter as it tries to reinvent itself.

Avoid the PBM Space -- for Now

The changing dynamics of the PBM space.