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Johnson & Johnson Recalls Motrin From Retailers

It's the sixth recall of Motrin in two years.

Kensey Nash Opts for Mediation in Royalties Dispute With St. Jude

Kensey Nash withdraws guidance; shares plummet.

N.C. Novartis Site Is First Cell-Based Flu Vaccine Facility in the Country

A Novartis' vaccine facility in North Carolina today became the first facility authorized by the FDA for emergency use during a pandemic.

Senators Question Pfizer Lipitor Deals, Ranbaxy Gets FDA Approval for Generic Version

Some senators are concerned that Pfizer's deals with pharmacy benefit managers will undermine the sale of generic versions of Lipitor.

Pozen Inks $75 Million Royalty Deal for Treximet

The pharma sells U.S. rights for the migraine drug to Canada's national pension fund.

Safeguard Scientifics: Health IT Could Grow to One-Quarter of Investments

Safeguard Scientifics recognizes the increasing crossover between health-care services and IT.

Cardinal Health Looks to Build China Business, but Has Long Way to Go

For pharmaceuticals distributor Cardinal Health, China represents a world of opportunity.

GSK Settles With Uncle Sam for $3B

GSK said the settlement will reduce financial uncertainty for the company and is in the best interest of shareholders.

Invacare Sees Potential in Long-Term Care Equipment Rentals Market

Invacare looks to other markets to counter "slowness" in the industry.

IBM's Watson Offers a Glimpse Into Health IT's Future

Will "Watson" revolutionize health care? How?

IBM's Watson Offers a Glimpse Into Health IT's Future

The supercomputer will help doctors, not replace them, as one IBM official sees it.

TRGT Tries Again With Alzheimer's Disease Drug Candidate

If at first you don't succeed...

Duke University and Verizon Partner on New Health IT Initiative

Duke and Verizon will also form a scientific advisory board staffed with representatives from both partners.

Pozen's Digital Marketing Plan: A Prescription for the Pharma Industry?

The company looks to get in tune with social media.

GSK's New Drug Marketing Model: Pharma Reps As Educators, Not Sellers

The conversation between sales reps and doctors today is vastly different compared to one year ago.

Here's How New Roche Cancer Drug Zelboraf Benefits LabCorp

Is this Roche Blockbuster good news for LabCorp, too?

GSK Sues to Block Generic BPH Drugs From Mylan, Impax

GSK defends its patents.

Cardinal Health Looks to PET Drugs to Drive Margins

The nuclear medicine business is an important driver of higher margins for the drug distribution company.

GSK Halts Part of Breast Cancer Trial; Drug Can't Top Herceptin

News from GlaxoSmithKline.

Pfizer Extends Icagen Offer; Remains Just Shy of Shares Needed for Deal

There's a deadline.

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