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Born in the USA, Made in France: How McDonald's Succeeds in the Land of Michelin Stars

To make it in France, McDonald's made itself look like a French company and offered French favorites.

Procter & Gamble: Mastering the Art of the Innovation Tournament

The company successfully strategizes how to meet its green goals.

The Microsoft Effect: Will Google Become What It Fears?

Is Google spreading itself too thin?

The Customer Lifetime Value Equation: Will It Pay Off for Tech Companies?

Wharton professors discussing the "customer lifetime value," which has been a boon for companies from Netflix to Verizon.

"The Ultimate Question": Would Your Customers Recommend You?

On the maturity of the Net Promoter Score.

The New Software Pricing Model: Can the Older Giants Compete?

A la carte services and the cloud are changing the way companies do business.

Will the U.S. and Europe Rise Again -- or Sink Together?

The problems are large, and the world economies are tied more closely together than ever before.

Limited Seating: Mixed Results on Efforts to Include More Women at the Corporate Board Table

A look at what advances are being made, and how.

Brand Disloyalty: Recession-Weary Consumers Take Discounts to the Extreme

Will the trend last beyond the economic downturn?

Life After Steve Jobs: What to Expect From the Next Generation at Apple

A look at Apple under new CEO Tim Cook.

The Great Deleveraging: Will Consumer Spending Ever Recover?

Consumer spending is 70% of our GDP.

Is RIM Riding on the Edge?

A look at BlackBerry maker Research In Motion's next move.

What's Fueling the Tech Patent Bull Market?

As companies amass patents to sue each other, is it time for the patent system to be reformed?

Upheaval at HP and Apple: What's Next for Tech

Thoughts two University of Pennsylvania academics on the tech sector's recent upheaval.

Unheeded Lessons: What Did We Fail to Learn From the Financial Crisis?

A panel of thought leaders weighs in.

Can J.C. Penney's New CEO Reinvent the Department Store?

Ron Johnson made the right moves at Apple. Can he bring a winning retail strategy to his new gig?

The Innovation Gap: As Product Cycles Turn, Nokia and RIM Scramble for Market Share

The two companies are walking a tightrope. How will it play out?

As New Owner of NBC Universal, Can Comcast Merge the Corporate With the Creative?

Now that the deal is done, a look at NBC's new parent.

Urban Outfitters' Glen Senk: Look for the Right Culture, Diverse Opinions, and "Bad News"

According to the retailer's CEO, the key to success is hiring and cultivating the right people.

The Flap Over Cisco's Flip: Why the Company Killed Off a Popular Product

Color commentary on a move that shows how rapidly evolving technology can force corporate flip-flops.