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Dawn Kawamoto

Dawn Kawamoto


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Major Layoffs to Hit Yahoo!? Forget the Sideshow, Watch For Strategic Plan

Reports are circulating that Yahoo! is planning a massive restructuring with potentially thousands of jobs on the chopping block.

Can the iPad3 Hit iPhone Growth Levels?

Apple is poised to unveil its iPad 3 on March 7, and the hot-selling tablet has once again put competitors on the defensive.

Google, Yahoo! Emoticons Leave Money on the Table

Icon-touting text developer Zlango fires up its plans to start charging for its wacky emoticon apps.

Could This Little Fish Splash SAP?

Enterprise software giant SAP needs to keep a close eye on start-up Appcelerator.

The Smartphone Rocket Slows Down

IDC figures say the sales figures could be coming back to Earth.

Apple's New Retail King Able To Get Asia?

Apple anointed its new retail king Tuesday, naming John Browett to head up its brick-and-mortar stores. But will with UK electronics retail CEO be the best fit as pushing Apple's retail expansion in its fast-growing Asia market?

Facebook IPO Expected to Hit NYSE as "FB"

One company unearths some interesting financial nuggets.

Jaguar Financial Lying In Wait, Claws Kept Sharp

A new CEO and split chairman-CEO roles won't quell the appetite of RIM's Shareholder Activists

Stock Up on Forever Stamps and Avoid Sunday's Price Increase

Running low on stamps? It may be time to stock up on Forever stamps before the U.S. Postal Service raises the rate.

Yahoo!'s Yang Out, Board Selection Trumps New CEO Selection

Yahoo! is reportedly on the prowl for new board directors, as shareholder activist Third Point LLC is increasing pressure to name its own competing slate.

AOL Investors, You Have a Dog in the Android Fight

Apple's small victory in its Android smartphone fight will potentially limit the number of Android-based smartphones allowed in the U.S.

Yahoo! Investors, You Have a Dog in the Android Fight

Here's why.

PC Component Investor? Watch the Intel Effect.

Intel's warning of a fourth-quarter miss should send a message to PC component investors that soft sales into the supply chain may lie ahead.

Supplement Makers Choke With Vitamin E Tied to Prostate Cancer

A study gives vitamin supplement makers and their investors a potentially bitter pill to swallow.

The Mega-Hurdle for a Yahoo!-Google Deal

Investors frothing over a Yahoo!-Google-Microsoft replay should hit the pause button.

Will Sony's TV Fire Risk Burn Holiday Sales?

Sony's Bravia TVs face a fire risk, and its flat-panel market share may be challenged this holiday season.

Jaguar Could Bag Research In Motion Soon

Jaguar Financial has enough support from disgruntled investors to call a special meeting in the next three months to oust RIM's entire board of directors.

5 Warning Signs for IPOs

What are the chances Groupon, Zynga, and others will have to restate earnings?

Reshuffling Yahoo!'s Board: A New House of Cards?

It may take an activist shareholder to bring about meaningful change.

Amid HP's Confusion, It's Dell's Time to Strike

Dell should make the most of marketplace upheaval following Hewlett-Packard's talk of dumping its PC business.