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John Grgurich

John Grgurich


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A Week of Malaise for JPMorgan Stock, With More to Come

A great second quarter is no match for a fight with the federal government and big economic news in the week ahead.

Why the Big Four Banks Are Big-Time Fence Sitting Today

Call it the post-earnings, no-news blues.

Why B of A Blew the Roof Off the Joint This Week

Thank strong second-quarter earnings, as well as a few reassuring words from the Fed.

Why Citigroup Had Such a Big Week

Thank strong earnings and soothing words from the Fed.

JPMorgan Shareholders Could Have Had a Better Week

If not for the bank's own failings.

Why AIG Is in the Green Today

Thank soothing words from Ben Bernanke and better-than-expected jobs data.

Why Bank of America Is Booming Today

Thank strong second-quarter earnings and some reassuring words from the Fed.

Why Citigroup Is in the Green Today

Ben Bernanke wants to have his cake and eat it, too--and he appears to be doing just that.

Why Wells Fargo Can't Make Up Its Mind Today

Markets are back on edge as Bernanke gives congressional testimony.

Why Citigroup Is Surging Today

Second-quarter earnings offer some proof that the bank's restructuring plan is working.

AIG Investors Ride Their Own Market Wave Today

There's no particular reason for AIG to be performing like it is, expect for perhaps the best reason of all.

Up Just Barely for the Week, JPMorgan Can't Catch a Break

Investors don't realize how good they have it.

7 Things You Need to Know About Berkshire Hathaway

Performance and personal commitment: What more could you ask for?

Take the Money and Run: Citi's Big Week

Reassuring news from the Fed, and unsettling news from regulators.

Bank of America's Surprisingly Big Week

Riding the market wave, and taking a breather from bad news.

AIG Investors Shake Off a Pitch to the Head

Guilty until proven innocent is still the modus operandi when it comes to AIG, though investors seem nonplussed.

Citigroup Is About to Get Boring

After some initial drama, scheduled precisely for 2 p.m. today.

Bank of America's Uncomfortable Gray Space

Today at 2 PM, FOMC meeting minutes are being released, and that's where the fun begins.

1 Reason Wells Fargo Is Trading Down Today

Chalk this lackadaisical attitude to jitters over the start of earnings season.

Citigroup Stock Shrugs Off More Bad News

Put into context, this payout is still a bargain for investors.