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Robert Eberhard

Robert Eberhard



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Bank of America Shrugs Off Continuing Legal Issues

A loss in the courtroom doesn't affect Bank of America's performance today.

Bank of America Idles as Market Stays Flat

After early losses, Bank of America recovers, and ends the day near where it started.

Citigroup Rides the Banking Wave Higher

Citigroup follows the rest of its banking compatriots higher after Fed Chairman testimony.

Bank of America Outgaining the Market

News from the Fed and realtors helps boost B of A this morning.

Wells Fargo Up on Mortgage Settlement News

Wells Fargo has fulfilled nearly 90% of its obligation under the National Mortgage Settlement.

Minor News Moves Citigroup Up

Some announced changes in senior leadership at Citigroup appears to have a positive impact on the stock.

Busy Day, but Little Movement From Bank of America

A stock's daily trading volume shouldn't affect the long-term view on a company one way or another.

Wells Fargo and Its Steady Climb to New Heights

Wells Fargo reaches yet another high as it continues to not make headlines.

Is $13 the New Ceiling for Bank of America?

Sometimes, a stock's price meets resistance at a certain point. Is its current level the max for B of A?

Why Ubiquiti Networks Shares Climbed

Exceeding analysts' expectations results in a strong move by the network services company.

New York Wants to Sue Wells Fargo and Bank of America

New York's attorney general is mad at the banks for violating last year's mortgage settlement. Why didn't the market react?

Remembering Buffett's Sweetheart Bank of America Deal

Two Fool analysts thought it was a big deal for Berkshire Hathaway. What about for B of A shareholders?

A Missed Opportunity Leads to Learning

This Fool may have missed out on some massive gains, but he also learned a lesson in the process.

Has Synovus Financial Started to Turn the Corner?

Another successful quarter for the Georgia bank starts the year off right.

3 Reasons Zions Bancorp Is a Better Buy After Earnings

The Salt Lake City bank starts off 2013 with a strong quarter, boding well for its future performance.

We Know Why Regions Financial Jumped After Announcing Earnings

A multitude of reasons contributed to the early morning jump of the Alabama-based bank.

Should You Worry About the Regions Financial Earnings Announcement?

Earnings are coming up for the Alabama bank. Here's what to expect.

Should You Worry About the Synovus Financial Earnings Announcement?

The Georgia bank greets Tuesday morning with first-quarter results.

J.D. Power and Associates Ranks the Banks: The Winners

A customer satisfaction survey anoints the winners: banks large and small.

3 Things You Must Watch in Zions Bancorp's Earnings

The Utah-based bank releases earnings on Monday. What should you be watching?

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