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Keki Fatakia

Keki Fatakia


Recent articles Fights a War on 2 Fronts

Amazon is faced with deteriorating margins and heightened competition.

Does Dell's Dividend Make Sense?

Dell starts paying dividends.

Why Oracle Still Looks Good to Go

Oracle's Q4 numbers beat analyst expectations.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon Snaps With Windows

Qualcomm unveils its newest Snapdragon S4 processor.

Why NVIDIA Is a Likely Good Buy

NVIDIA gets a recent ratings boost.

Should You Buy RIM at These Levels?

RIM’s current market price looks attractive, but it's not that simple.

Micron Can Be a Good Deal Under the Right Conditions

Micron Technology releases fiscal third-quarter results.

SINA Needs to Go the Extra Mile

SINA attempts to monetize its Weibo platform through a range of premium paid services.

A Growth Recipe for Shanda

Shanda Games releases first-quarter results.

Microsoft Goes Social With Yammer

Microsoft acquires the enterprise social-networking company.

Things Should Start Looking Up for Texas Instruments

The company changes its earnings forecast range but is still ahead of the game.

Nokia Goes Low-Tech for Growth

Nokia introduces its Asha range of phones to secure the low end of the market.

HP Tries to Jump-Start Growth

Q2 revenue and profits take a dip.

Dell Focuses on the Broader Picture

Dell posts disappointing first-quarter results.

NVIDIA's Cloudy Game Plan

NVIDIA takes its high-end graphics processing chips to the cloud.

Vertical Integration Is the Key to OCZ's Success

OCZ reports record fourth-quarter revenue, but the bottom line stays in the red.

Samsung Leads First-Quarter Smartphone Sales. Should Apple Worry?

Samsung outpaces Apple in first-quarter smartphone shipments.

Why Broadcom Still Has a Bright Future

Broadcom reports flat first-quarter revenue, net income takes a beating.

SINA Needs to Show Some Cash

SINA posts a slight increase in first-quarter revenue as expenses shoot up.

NVIDIA's Problems Aren't Permanent

NVIDIA posts better-than-expected first-quarter revenue.

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