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Jeremy Bowman

Jeremy Bowman


Fool since 2011. I write about consumer goods, the big picture, and whatever else piques my interest. Follow me on Twitter to see my latest articles, and for commentary on hot topics in retail and the broad market.

Recent articles

JD-delivery-robot white

Why Stock Was Gaining Today

Shares of the Chinese tech company rose on plans for a spinoff of its logistics arm.

travel - airport scene

Why Trivago Stock Was Soaring Again Today

The company remained popular with traders on Reddit.

XPO Logistics

XPO Builds Momentum Heading Into Spin-Off

After a slump earlier in the pandemic, the diversified logistics company is back on track.

travel - airport scene

3 Things Trivago Investors Need to Watch This Year

The travel industry is poised for a comeback in 2021 -- here's how this hotel-booking platform can take advantage.

Pinterest iPad

Here's Why the Best Is Yet to Come for Pinterest

The image-based discovery platform is firing on all cylinders.

Slide 3 - EHang drone - source getty

Why Luokung Technology Stock Jumped Today

News of another direct stock offering focused investors' attention on the Chinese technology company.

slide 2 - gamestop - source getty

Here's Why The GameStop Rally Was So Hard to Resist

Marketing psychology explains why everyone wanted a piece of the video game retailer stock.

dermtech patch

Why DermTech Stock Jumped Today

Shares of the skin-cancer genomics company gained as it opened up a new customer base.

home construction - new house

Why Zillow Stock Was Soaring Today

Shares of the online real estate stock jumped on a strong earnings report.


Small-Cap U.S. Index Funds

Small-cap index funds can provide attractive returns, but they also carry more risk.


Why Baozun Stock Was Climbing Today

The Chinese e-commerce stock got a lift -- but it was unclear why.

data analytics - alteryx

Why Alteryx Stock Was Tumbling Again Today

Shares of the data analytics company dipped as it offered weak guidance for 2021.

ad technology

Why Perion Network Stock Was Climbing Today

Shares of the ad tech company jumped on a strong earnings report.

family watching football

These 3 Stocks Won the Super Bowl Ad Game

Is your favorite ad on the list?

growth stock

Looking for the Next Etsy? This Small-Cap Growth Stock Could Be It

Investors should be paying attention to this other potentially big e-commerce turnaround story.

dermtech patch

Why DermTech Stock Gained 26% Last Month

Investor excitement mounted around the skin-care detection specialist.

slide 1 - gamestop - source getty

Why GameStop Stock Popped Then Dropped Today

Shares of the video game retailer continued to be volatile.

light bulb

Lost Money on GameStop? These 3 Stocks Will Help You Make it Back

Now's a great time to cut your losses and invest in these three long-term winners.

chinese e-commerce 1

Why Baozun Stock Gained 19% Last Month

A strategic partnership and a short squeeze lifted the stock in January.

coty zendaya

Why Coty Stock Was Gaining Today

Investors seemed excited about a new Gucci store in China.