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Lyle Daly

Lyle Daly


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Capital gains taxes are confusing -- so we did the research for you.


Poll: How Did Investors Deal With Market Volatility in 2020?

Investors viewed and reacted to 2020's market volatility in very different ways.


4 Mistakes That Get in the Way of Rebuilding Your Credit

To get your credit moving in the right direction, avoid these common mistakes.


My 7 Favorite Credit Card Offers of 2020

For all its faults, 2020 brought us some of the most valuable credit card offers in years. Here are my favorites.


Americans Pay Almost $1,000 Per Year in Credit Card Interest

If you're not careful, credit card debt can do some serious damage to your finances.


How I Scored $150 Back on My Chase Credit Card in 1 Call

You could have a special offer waiting for you on your Chase credit card. To find out, you need to call.


5 Ways American Express Upgraded Its Card Offers in 2020

American Express cards had several great changes in 2020. Get up to date on the biggest upgrades here.


4 Big Improvements to Chase Credit Cards in 2020

By adding more bonuses and more ways to redeem rewards, Chase made some major upgrades to its credit cards this year.


6 Rewards Cards to Check Out in 2021

Looking for new rewards credit cards to try in 2021? You'll find all the best options here.


The U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Card Is No Longer Accepting Applications

Is this the first luxury travel card to close because of the pandemic?


Southwest Credit Cards Now Offer 80,000 Bonus Points

With this special offer, a Southwest credit card can get you more free flights and bring you closer to a Companion Pass.


The 5 Biggest Ways Credit Cards Changed in 2020

Let's look back at all the ways credit cards have changed over the past year.


Do These 2 Things if Your Credit Card Has an Annual Fee

Should you pay your credit card's annual fee for another year? With these two steps, you'll have the answer.


This New Credit Card Rewards You for Paying Off Debt and Investing

If you're looking for a competitive cash back rate, SoFi's first credit card is one to consider.


3 Credit Card Goals to Set in 2021

Looking for ways to make better use of your credit cards in 2021? These three goals will do the trick.

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Discover Just Added Best Buy to Its 5% Cash Back Categories

Planning to shop at Best Buy this holiday season? You could earn bonus cash back with your Discover card.

man_with_credit_card_on_phone.original (1)

The 1 Big Problem With Credit Card Upgrade Offers

There's usually a catch with credit card upgrades, and it could be costly.


Americans Have Almost 5 Billion Prepaid Debit Cards

No typos here -- that's billions with a "b." But what makes prepaid cards so popular?


4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Rely on Prepaid Debit Cards

Despite the convenience, a prepaid card isn't a good substitute for a bank account.


Nearly 30% of Americans Don't Have a Credit Card. Here's Why That's a Problem

There are several serious drawbacks to not having a credit card.