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Corinne Cardina

Corinne Cardina


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The 1 Big Lesson From the Coronavirus Pandemic For Investors

Even once a vaccine is publicly available, this trend is here to stay for the long-haul.

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Can Amazon's Stock Pull Off A Repeat Performance In The Next Decade?

Here are advantages Amazon will carry into 2021 that growth investors should take note of.


Self-Driving Tractors? How Deere Is Disrupting Farming

Autonomous vehicles are so yesterday. Investors should consider how self-driving technology might revolutionize agriculture.


Has Intuitive Surgical Only Scratched The Surface of Robotics?

Robotics-assisted surgery will keep growing for decades, and despite its hefty price, this stock is just getting started.


500 Million People Are Doing This 1 Thing During The Pandemic

Electronic Arts and Activision are winning stocks thanks to this hugely popular trend.


Here's An Undeniable Advantage Amazon Has Over Walmart

There's still plenty of retail market share for the taking, and e-commerce pioneers have a massive edge.


Are Microsoft And Adobe Coming For Salesforce's Market Share?

Customer relationship management is a new frontier for two traditional tech companies.


Growth Investors Should Be Piling Money Into These 4 Tech Trends

These tailwinds will keep going long after a vaccine is available.


Amazon Has Much More Room To Grow Than You May Realize

The coronavirus pandemic has translated into a decade's worth of growth for e-commerce. And it still has a long runway.


The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Translated Into A Decade's Worth Of Progress For This Sector

This trend still has a long growth runway. Here are the stocks benefitting the most.


Is Now A Great Time to Buy Pot Stocks?

Getting exposure to the cannabis industry's upside has never been safer or cheaper.


Investors Ask: How Will Coronavirus Tailwinds Behave Once A Vaccine Is Available?

A big question on everyone's mind is whether work-from-home and telehealth stocks can continue their growth at this breakneck pace.

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COVID-19 Is Changing The World. Smart Investors Are Watching These 4 Industry Transformations

These technological tailwinds will keep growing long after a vaccine is available.


Coronavirus Stock Investing: 4 Industry Transformations That Are Just Getting Started

Growth investors can capitalize on these technological tailwinds that will keep going long after a vaccine is available.


Here's Why Quants Are Getting Into Cannabis Investing

Getting exposure to the marijuana industry has never been easier.


Here's Why Cannabis Investors Shouldn't Ignore Cigarettes

Should investing in the marijuana industry be paired with buying shares of traditional cigarette companies?


1 Lesson From The Influenza Pandemic 100 Years Ago That Still Applies Today

Dr. Jeremy Brown shares some learnings from the 1918 flu pandemic that investors should keep in mind.

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An ETF Called TOKE? What Investors Need To Know About The Future of Cannabis

Getting exposure to the marijuana industry has never been easier.


Why You Should Consider Having A Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

Dr. Jeremy Brown knows a lot about pandemics. Here's his advice on keeping your family healthy this holiday season.