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Corinne Cardina

Corinne Cardina


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Coronavirus Vaccine Stocks: Is There Room For Multiple Winners?

Pfizer and Moderna are leading the pack, but they're far from being the only companies likely to launch COVID-19 vaccines on the market.


Is This Weight Loss Company Coming for WW And Noom's Market Share?

Digital health investors should take notice of Lifesum, a food tracking app with 45 million members and partnerships with Amazon and Nike.

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Ask A Virologist: How Does GlaxoSmithKline's Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Work?

Dr. Angela Rasmussen explains what investors should know about an under-the-radar coronavirus vaccine developer.


What The Flu Shot's History Tells Us About Coronavirus Vaccines

We sat down with a pandemic expert to find out how the eventual coronavirus vaccines will be similar to and different from the flu shot.


What Investors Need To Know About Pfizer's Coronavirus Vaccine And Ultra-Cold Storage Requirements

A doctor and pandemic expert explains how the need to keep vaccine doses ultra-cold may impact distribution.

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Could Late-Stage Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Fail?

Dr. Jeremy Brown says that historically, 90% of vaccine trials fail. Does this data still hold or has the game changed?


Pandemic Expert Answers: 'Do You Foresee Challenges with Vaccine Distribution?'

Investors have questions about the cold chain, particularly for Pfizer's potential vaccine.


Ask A Virologist: What's The Timeline for Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution?

Dr. Angela Rasmussen answers the million-dollar question on everyone's mind.

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Thinking About Buying Coronavirus Vaccine Stocks? Watch This First

Dr. Jeremy Brown gives investors a helpful tip about valuation


What Investors Need To Know About Companies Working on Coronavirus Vaccines

Dr. Leo Nissola shares 1 major thing investors should consider before buying coronavirus vaccine stocks.


How Is Digital Health Disrupting Traditional Healthcare Companies?

Here's what investors need to know about how telehealth and technology is changing the healthcare landscape.


Could The Coronavirus Pandemic Mean Fewer Flu Deaths This Year?

Dr. Jeremy Brown shares how COVID-19 will impact the seasonal flu.


Are Digital Health Valuations Overhyped Or Undervalued?

A digital health CEO shares what investors need to know about stocks like Teladoc and Veeva Systems.

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Ask An Expert: How Do Experimental mRNA Vaccines Differ From Traditional Vaccines?

Here's what Dr. Jeremy Brown thinks about the exciting trial data from Pfizer and Moderna.


A Doctor Explains: Safety Tips For Avoiding The Coronavirus In The Winter Months And Holidays

Dr. Jeremy Brown knows a lot about pandemics. Here's his advice on keeping your family safe.


Is Pfizer and BioNTech's Potential mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine Revolutionary?

Dr. Leo Nissola shares what investors need to know about the latest developments in the mRNA vaccine space.


Nutrition App CEO On The Health and Wellness Industry During The Coronavirus Pandemic

This start-up is helping people lose weight by tracking their food, and its partnerships with Amazon and Nike are just the beginning.


Is Pfizer Stock A Good Bet On Coronavirus Vaccines?

Dr. Angela Rasmussen shares tips for investors thinking about buying stocks like Pfizer and Moderna.


This Digital Health Startup Has Joined Forces With Amazon. Should Investors Take Notice?

Lifesum has forged partnerships with many popular tech companies. Is an IPO on the horizon?


Why Ultra-Cold Storage and Two-Dose Shots Could Spell A Logistical Nightmare for Pfizer

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine candidate comes with two hurdles that might give its competitors an edge.