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Corinne Cardina

Corinne Cardina


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What This Virus Expert Thinks About mRNA Vaccine Candidates for COVID-19

Dr. Angela Rasmussen explains why news from Pfizer and Moderna's mRNA vaccine trials is so promising.


How Big Of A Deal Is mRNA Vaccine Efficacy? Imagine If It Had Failed

Here's what a doctor and pandemic expert thinks about the exciting trial data coming from Pfizer and Moderna.


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Here's what a pandemic expert thinks about the recent coronavirus vaccine trial data.

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Dr. Leo Nissola explains why these two stocks are both likely winners.


What Investors Should Look For In Vaccine Trials' Raw Data

Dr. Leo Nissola shares what more he wants to see from Pfizer and Moderna as they move toward submitting their potential vaccines to the FDA.


Ask A Virologist: How Do mRNA Vaccines Work?

Dr. Angela Rasmussen explains how this new class of vaccines can help prevent COVID-19.


Ask A Scientist: Will Virus Mutation Impact The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet medical journal, shares his insights about what the long-term coronavirus vaccine landscape will look like.


Ask A Digital Health CEO: How Has Coronavirus Changed The Wellness Industry?

This app is helping people lose weight by tracking their food, and its partnership with Amazon is just the beginning.


Ask A Doctor: What's A Realistic Prediction for When A Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Available?

Dr. Jeremy Brown answers the question on everyone's mind: When will there be a COVID-19 vaccine on the market?


Doctor and Pandemic Expert Shares What Investors Need To Know About Coronavirus Vaccines

Dr. Jeremy Brown knows a lot about pandemics. Here's what he thinks about the exciting trial data coming from Pfizer and BioNTech.


A Virologist Explains: mRNA Coronavirus Vaccines And What Investors Should Know

Dr. Angela Rasmussen explains why news from mRNA vaccine trials is so promising and shares tips for investors thinking about buying stocks like Pfizer and Moderna.


The Motley Fool Sits Down With A Doctor About Pfizer's Coronavirus Vaccine News

Dr. Leo Nissola shares what investors need to know about the latest developments in the mRNA vaccine space.


Dangerous Coronavirus Vaccine Myths: Scientific Expert Explains The Truth

The Lancet's Richard Horton says we have to renegotiate our relationship with the virus and find a peaceful coexistence.


Coronavirus Expert on mRNA Vaccines Versus The Old Fashioned Approach

The Editor-in-Chief of the British medical journal The Lancet explains why Pfizer and Moderna's approach is revolutionary.


Coronavirus Vaccine Stocks: How Long Will COVID-19 Immunity Last?

This big question will have significant impacts on dosing, reentering society, and how often people will need vaccinations.

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Coronavirus Expert: 'The Virus Is Bouncing Back'

New cases of COVID-19 are increasing rapidly as the winter months and holidays approach.


What Data This Coronavirus Expert Is Looking For In Pfizer and Moderna's Vaccine Trials

It's important to look beyond the headlines and find out more about how effective coronavirus vaccine candidates are.


Here's Why Pfizer's Coronavirus Vaccine Would Be Revolutionary

If approved and launched, an mRNA vaccine would disrupt the vaccine development landscape and go leaps and bounds toward helping the world recover from the pandemic.


How To Invest In COVID-19 Vaccine Stocks: Bet On The Jockey

The best way to pick coronavirus stocks is to make sure you trust the scientists running the company's COVID-19 program.


How To Invest In Coronavirus Vaccines: Interview with The Lancet Editor-In-Chief

Here's why this top COVID-19 expert says trusting the scientists behind the stocks is the key to investing in companies developing coronavirus vaccines.