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How Hong Kong’s Protests Are Affecting Its Economy

While the political and long-term consequences of the protests could endanger Hong Kong's special status as somewhat free of Beijing's rules, it is already experiencing some short-term economic impacts.

US Health Care: An Industry Too Big to Fail

Presidential candidates have been proposing plans to expand health coverage, lower prescription drug costs and make hospital bills more transparent. But few get to the real problem: health care is priced as a business, but we think of it as a social good.

US Poverty Statistics Ignore Millions of Struggling Americans

Measuring poverty just by low cash income misses many other aspects of poverty -- like unemployment, poor health and a lack of health insurance. These scholars (and the Census Bureau) are starting to devise a better way.

Why Federal Reserve Independence Matters

President Trump has discussed firing Fed Chair Jerome Powell over the central bank's interest rate policies. This kind of political meddling is usually bad for the economy.