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The Conversation is a not-for-profit publication that seeks to unlock knowledge from experts for the public. It works with hundreds of academics around the world, all experts in their fields, to deliver in-depth analysis to millions of readers around the world. These experts explain what they've learned from years and sometimes decades of research on issues in the news, and on topics ranging from art to zoology.

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Central District of Hong Kong -- financial Hang Seng Index

How Hong Kong’s Protests Are Affecting Its Economy

While the political and long-term consequences of the protests could endanger Hong Kong's special status as somewhat free of Beijing's rules, it is already experiencing some short-term economic impacts.

cartoon showing frustrated man in front of a declining chart -- stock loss bear market crash correction

How to Invest if You’re Worried a Recession Is Coming

A growing number of investors, policymakers and others say the U.S. economy may be at risk of spiraling downward. A finance professor explains how to ride it out, with seven clear tips.

7 glass jars filled with coins -- money savings diversification

This Tax Credit Wasn’t Meant to Help With Housing, But That’s Exactly What It’s Doing

The Earned Income Housing Credit is an anti-poverty program with bipartisan support, and a side effect of boosting income is that it helps families get their own apartments and even houses, according to a new study looking at the before-and-after of previous increases in the EITC.

financial health stethoscope money cash hundred bills medical healthcare (1)

US Health Care: An Industry Too Big to Fail

Presidential candidates have been proposing plans to expand health coverage, lower prescription drug costs and make hospital bills more transparent. But few get to the real problem: health care is priced as a business, but we think of it as a social good.

college savings money in jar

Could a Tax On Stock Trades Pay Off the Nation’s Student Debt?

An economist takes a critical look at Bernie Sanders' proposal to tax Wall Street to pay off the nation's student debt, and explains why it's unlikely to work.

mature couple looking at documents and using calculator bills finances

The Real Midlife Crisis Confronting Many Americans

What was once imagined as a time of exploration and reinvention has become marked by financial and emotional strain.

smartphone hand holding getty 6.2. 17 (1)

The Guts of An Apple iPhone Show Exactly What Trump Gets Wrong About Trade

Trump believes the money Americans spend on Chinese imports like the iPhone goes straight into China's pockets. In reality, China gets very little value from it.

alcohol bottles getty

Fed Up With Big Beer’s Incursion, Independent Craft Breweries Push Back

Labels for boutique beers made by giant corporations may give the impression that a tiny craft brewery slapped them on the bottles. That confusion is by design.

facebook getty 7.12.17

Facebook’s Libra May Be Quite Attractive in Developing Countries

Plenty of Western regulators and media outlets have criticized Libra – but it's not meant for them. It could make a big impact in places with less-developed banking systems.

financial health stethoscope money cash hundred bills medical healthcare (1)

Health Care Price Transparency: Fool’s Gold, or Real Money in Your Pocket?

President Trump has been backing transparency in hospital pricing so that consumers can compare prices. But will that help when the real deals are done in secret?

online shopping getty

Amazon Wins ‘.amazon’ Domain Name, Aggravating South American Region and Undermining Digital Commons

Who has the right to use an Amazon domain name? The people who live there or a company with the same name? ICANN has sold out the Brazilians.

blindfolded man business

Corporate Boards Are Supposed to Oversee Companies but Often Turn a Blind Eye

The consequences for board members of corporations found to violate the law and ethical norms are rare and usually minor. Here's a look at what the board is supposed to do - and sometimes doesn't.

facebook getty 7.12.17

Amazon, Google and Facebook Warrant Antitrust Scrutiny for Many Reasons – Not Just Because They’re Large

US lawmakers and regulators are beginning to investigate big tech's growing power, but they need to look beyond size and into their very nature of these three companies (and find different solutions for each).

broke businessman no money will work for food POC

US Poverty Statistics Ignore Millions of Struggling Americans

Measuring poverty just by low cash income misses many other aspects of poverty -- like unemployment, poor health and a lack of health insurance. These scholars (and the Census Bureau) are starting to devise a better way.

Federal Reserve Building

Why Federal Reserve Independence Matters

President Trump has discussed firing Fed Chair Jerome Powell over the central bank's interest rate policies. This kind of political meddling is usually bad for the economy.

stack of gold coins with zeroes and ones on them cryptocurrency virtual digital currency

Libra: Four Reasons to be Extremely Cautious About Facebook’s New Currency

Get it right and Libra could be the world's first truly global currency. Get it wrong, on the other hand, and there's risk of systematic financial collapse.

professional women speaking in modern office business meeting mentor POC

50 Years After Australia’s Historic ‘Equal Pay’ Decision, the Legacy of ‘Women’s Work’ Remains

Five decades ago Australia's industrial relations system endorsed the concept of 'equal pay for equal work'. So why does the gender pay gap endure?

long road stretching through forest and mountains

Canada’s Financial Markets Are Stunting Our Growth and Undermining Our Future

There is no need for Canadians to play catch-up on sustainable finance. We can lead.

businessman with coins falling through his hands -- stock loss bear market crash losing money

Inflation is Healthy for the Economy – but Too Much can Trigger a Recession

The Fed is in a tricky position as it mulls cutting interest rates to boost the economy, which also risks spurring runaway inflation and an economic downturn.

digital dollar sign surrounded by binary code -- cryptocurrency digital virtual currency bitcoin blockchain

With Cryptocurrency Launch, Facebook Sets Its Path Toward Becoming an Independent Nation

With the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency, Mark Zuckerberg reveals his dreams of building a new virtual country, perhaps inspired by the Roman Empire.