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The Hidden Empire of Disney's Real Estate

Disney may be facing an uphill battle as it pushes into the brave new world of streaming, but the company has one asset that its digital competitors don't -- real estate, lots and lots of real estate.

3 Stocks for a Meat-Free Future

In the wake of McDonald's decision to test a plant-based menu item, here's a look at the future of fake meat and which companies are most likely to dominate it.

Shopify's Growing E-Commerce Empire

From a store that sold snowboarding gear in 2004 to an e-commerce giant and the toast of Wall Street, the rise of Shopify proves that there's always room at the top.

The Continued Rise of MercadoLibre

Few investors outside Latin America have heard of MercadoLibre, the region's largest e-commerce platform, but with numbers like these, it's about time to get better acquainted.

3 Industries Suffering Due to the Trade War

Here's a look at the three industries worst affected by the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China, and the companies that can expect a lot of change.

Is Amazon Losing Control of Its Platform?

Just as social media sites have struggled to limit misinformation on public platforms, the e-commerce giant has been ineffective in its handling of third-party sellers.

How Hasbro Stays Relevant

With big-budget video games dominating the entertainment industry, toy maker Hasbro is relying on some unusual methods to keep itself afloat.