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Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis


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Big Lots Setting Up for Long-Term Success

Leaving Canada behind, the discount big-box chain is priced to sell if it can return U.S. sales figures to prior levels.

Zynga, I Salute You

It's a kind of crazy you have to admire.

An Emerging-Market Pick for U.S. Investors

A company abroad with interests in your backyard.

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Get in on the action before it goes on sale to the public.

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It's so easy, I can do it.

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It's so easy, I can do it.

Easy Steps to Becoming a (Better) Value Investor: Part 1

It's so easy, even I can do it.

Why Hedge Funds Love News Corp.

No matter your opinion of its news arm, it's a solid investment.

Not Another BRIC in the Wall


Ford Invests in America and Itself

The legacy auto company shows bullish signals across the board.

Goldman's Pesky Fly Could Become a Wasp

Thousands of class action suits could soon gain traction.

Buffett’s New Bank      

Looks like Wells Fargo isn’t the only Berkshire banking darling.

The Smartest Move Microsoft Has Made in Years

A year and a half ago, the software giant made its best move.

3 Dirt Cheap Companies You Already Know

Check out these three stocks on clearance.

Sears Crosses a Milestone in the Wrong Direction

The house Lampert tried to rebuild gets pushed off the block.

Samsung to Apple: Game On

The initial verdict is only the beginning of a long, expensive battle.

The Best Move to Save This Retail Dinosaur

An upcoming spinoff presents two attractive retail investments.

Should You Invest in the World's Favorite Sport?

Buy what you know ... but not too well.

Investors Would Win Big From This Satellite Spinoff

One company has two strong businesses that could be stronger if separated.

The Best Social Network Is Uninvestable

The business is great, but valuation prevents this stock from true greatness.