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How Much You Need for Retirement Depends on These 4 Factors

You can control whether or not you achieve your dream of a successful retirement.

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4 Asset Allocation Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Asset allocation determines the level of risk you take in your accounts and plays a major role in your investment return.

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Retirement Planning in 6 Easy Steps

Preparing for a successful retirement is possible -- and it's simpler than you think.

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You're Probably Not Saving Enough -- Here's How You Can Fix That

Controlling your expenses can help you achieve the goal of saving and investing more money each year.

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3 Reasons Why People With Disposable Income Should Be Investing Monthly

If you're fortunate enough that COVID-19 hasn't crimped your income, now is the perfect time to start investing.

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3 Signs That the Stock Market May Be Too Expensive

These tools can help you better understand why experts are predicting a pullback.

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Are Stocks Overvalued? This Market Indicator Says So.

A popular market indicator suggests that investors should prepare for a possible market crash.

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When the Dollar Falls, What Should Investors Do?

The US dollar's falling relative to other currencies. Here's what that means for you, the economy and your investments.

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Risk Tolerance Was the First Thing I Reviewed With Clients for These 3 Reasons

In my years as a financial advisor, I found that identifying risk tolerance early was essential in helping my clients meet their goals. Here's how knowing your own risk tolerance can help you as an individual investor, too.

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How I Use the VIX in My Long-Term Stock Portfolio

Understanding how market volatility can correlate with market pullbacks can help investors make important investing decisions. Here's how I've used the VIX in my own portfolio.

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3 Ways to Prepare for Retirement in a Bear Market

When you've spent your entire career saving for retirement, a market crash as you approach your planned retirement date may seem devastating. Here's what to do to avoid that panic.

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I Mostly Buy Index Funds and ETFs For These 3 Reasons

Using index funds as the core of your portfolio can be a great way to meet your goals while saving time and money.


Here’s How The Coronavirus Pandemic Became an Investing Opportunity For Me

For people with stable finances, a volatile market can be a great time to invest.


4 Ways to Prevent Emotions From Controlling How You Invest

It's natural to worry when your investments lose money. Here's how to prevent those worries from getting you into trouble.


Successful Investors Have These 4 Habits in Common

You don't have to be a stock expert to benefit from these expert investing habits.