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Lawrence Nga

Lawrence Nga


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video game console young men getty 6.2.17

Roblox Marches Ahead Despite Significant Headwinds

Roblox's latest earnings report was uninspiring, but the company continued to improve in key areas.

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Sea Ltd: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Sea's growth story has become somewhat more complicated.

gold coin with bitcoin symbol on it -- cryptocurrency BTC

Coinbase Expects More Pain Ahead

Investors in Coinbase need to prepare for turbulent times ahead.


2 Things Investors Should Know Before Buying Spotify's Stock

While the audio streaming giant might not be a favorite among investors lately, it could be a long-term winner.

young women using smartphones

Meta Platforms Is Set for a Bumpy Ride

There are good reasons for both the bulls and the bears to like Meta.

electric car

Tesla Did It Again: Another Record Quarter

Tesla marched ahead strongly, but it might face near-term challenges.

electric car

Is Tesla a Safe Stock to Buy Now?

Tesla as a company has good prospects, but owning the stock comes with some risks.

stressed young woman sitting at desk in front of laptop with her face in her hands

2 Important Risks Investors Should Know Before Buying Upstart Stock

Upstart is growing rapidly. Yet there are risks that could jeopardize its growth plan.

woman looking at smarphone

Why Pinduoduo's Huge Bet in Agriculture Is Critical to Its Future

An investment in produce could differentiate this e-commerce player from its competitors.

office workers computer getty 6.2.17

Micron Is Set to Deliver Record Revenue in Fiscal 2022

The data storage and computer memory business is firing on all cylinders.

computer home getty 6.2.17

2 Things to Know About Wix's $500 Million Share Buyback Plan

Wix's latest share buyback plan might be a signal that the stock is cheap.

smartphone woman getty 6.2.17's Growth in This Key Metric Will Have Investors Ecstatic

JD delivered a solid performance in 2021 and should continue to do so in 2022.

credit score shopping getty

Pinduoduo Ended 2021 With a Bang

Pinduoduo is pivoting its growth at all cost strategy to sustainable growth.

artificial intelligence ai getty 6.2.17

2 Important Things Smart Investors Should Know About Upstart

AI-powered loan platform Upstart has positioned itself well to grow for the foreseeable future.

cloud computing getty 6.2.17

2 Important Things Smart Investors Should Know About Micron

Micron has the potential to generate enormous returns to shareholders.

gettyimages-1125619287-Chinese couple

2021 Ended Strongly For "Youtube of China," but Its Near Future Is Less Bright

While Bilibili has great growth prospects over the long term, its short-term performance might be volatile.

compound interest growth potential businessman

These 2 Beaten-Down Growth Stocks Could Become Long-Term Winners

The market is pessimistic about these two stocks at the moment, but long-term investors should consider this an opportunity.

gettyimages-971370720-lady using phone

3 Important Things Investors Should Know From Beike's Latest Earnings

2021 was a tough year for the company, and this situation could last through 2022.

man using virtual reality headset VR

2 Metaverse Stocks to Buy if the Market Crashes Further

These two companies are well positioned to grow for years, even during a market crash.

gettyimages-1160939955-online shopping

2 Important Things Smart Investors Know About

Despite the negativity surrounding the company, Wix still has potential as a long-term investment.

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