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The Daily Upside

The Daily Upside


Traditional business news can be painfully dry and complex. The Daily Upside newsletter covers the most important stories in business in a style that’s engaging, insightful, and fun.

Written by a former investment banker, The Daily Upside is the best way to get insights on financial news, bar none.

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Google Crashes And The World Waits

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QuantumScape Earned One Investor $200 million "By Accident"

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The Open Access Wars Are Heating Up

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Zombie Companies Have Raised Nearly $1 Trillion During The Pandemic

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Discovery Wades Into The Streaming Waters

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Copper Prices Are On Fire

Here's Where Goldman Says The Precious Metal Is Headed

Facebook Acquires Kustomer

Regulators are sure to be displeased

Dick's CEO Is Stepping Down After Nearly 40 Years

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General Motors Gets Dinged

Shareholders didn't seem to mind

Hershey Causes A Chocolate Futures Melt Up

Here's what it means for chocolate lovers

Cash Is No Longer King At The Super Bowl

Reducing the spread of coronavirus is only a perk

General Motors Goes Full Throttle Into Insurance

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Bryson DeChambeau Has An Unusual For The Masters

Here's what it means for the world of sports business

Nielsen Is About To Make Your TV A Lot Smarter

And television ads are about to get more targeted

Friendly's Files For Bankruptcy And Will Be Sold For $2 Million

It's the latest in a string of decidedly unfriendly developments