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Neil Rozenbaum

Neil Rozenbaum


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NVDA stock (3)

NVIDIA: The Next Trillion Dollar Company?

NVIDIA could become the biggest company in the world.

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AMD Investors Should Take This Into Consideration

Can AMD hold on to its lead this time?


This Semiconductor Stock Is Cheap and a Screaming Buy!

Intel might be down, but it's certainly not out.

LMND Stock (5)

Up 75%, Is Lemonade Stock Being Squeezed?

It seems heavily shorted stocks are enjoying the latest Wallstreetbets short squeeze.

NFLX Stock (2)

What Netflix Needs to Do to Reach $1,000

Ad-supported content is the way to go, with or without Netflix.

ROKU Stock (3)

Is This Growth Stock the Future of TV Advertising?

Roku is much more than just a streaming play.

image (78)

This Industry Will Outperform the Market for Years to Come

You can't ignore the gaming world anymore.

SKLZ Stock

Down 60%, Is Skillz a Buy Right Now?

Could this be the next step for gaming?

FB Stock (3)

Here's How Facebook Is Building a Trillion-Dollar Empire

The social media company might become the leader in AR and VR.

Apple Stock (5)

Is It Still Worth It to Buy Apple Stock?

The Apple ecosystem explained.

RBLX Stock

Here's Why Roblox Is a Screaming Buy for Long-Term Investors

It could be another piece of your puzzle.

NTDOY stock (1)

Nintendo Is a Screaming Buy, So Why Isn't Anyone Buying?

Could this be the next Disney stock?


Down 30%, Is The Trade Desk a Screaming Buy?

A look at what's going right.

Unity fool

Down 50%, Is Unity Stock a Buy Right Now?

Unity might become the OS of the future.

lmnd fool

Why Is Lemonade Stock Down? Is It Time to Buy?

Lemonade earnings were actually good.


Square Is Just Getting Started, This Is Why It's a Buy

It's all about the ecosystem.


Fiverr Crushed Earnings. This Is Why It's a Screaming Buy.

This work-from-home stock isn't going anywhere.

ATVI Stock (3)

Activision Blizzard Crushed Earnings. Is It a Buy?

Mobile is king.


1 Growth Stock to Own Forever

Airbnb has changed travel forever.

Twitter  Stock (1)

Is Twitter Finally a Buy in 2021?

Management might finally have found a way to monetize the platform.